Tournament Note

10:11am: Due to field conditions not improving at Sandstone Field 2 the 11uD1/D2 Bracket has been cancelled.

8:49am: Games scheduled at Garden Acres and Sandstone have been postponed an additional hour with an estimated 12pm start. All games at Clark Centennial will start at 11am. All updated bracket schedules have been posted. Please check your team's schedule.

8:24am: The 14uD2 Gold Bracket scheduled to play in Firestone has been cancelled. The 14uD2 Platinum Bracket scheduled in Firestone will be moved to Clark Centennial with an 11am start time. A full schedule update will be posted shortly.

5:53am: All games at Brighton Sports Complex are on as scheduled starting at 8am

5:45am: All games scheduled to play at Garden Acres, Sandstone, and Clark Centennial are currently in a 3 hour delay with an estimated start time of 11am. All fields in Firestone are currently in a 4 hour delay with an estimated 12noon start time. We will have an updated schedule by 9am with possible format changes.

May Melee

May 12 - 13, 2018
Brighton, CO • Firestone, CO • Longmont, CO
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