Tournament Note

As o 8:30 am Sunday
In the 9u Division all games at Gillette Sports Complex are delayed and will start 2 hours late the scheduled 8:00am games will now start at 10:00am a updated schedule will be posted by 8:40am

At Ennis Park have been canceled due to field conditions
Top 4 seeds will advance schedule will be posted soon
Games will be played this afternoon at Rocky Mount Sports Complex
Sorry for any inconvenience..Thank you for your patience
As of 7:37am on Sunday game scheduled at Tarboro Stadium will now be played at Indian Lakes Sports Complex Field 5.

As of 7:35am on Sunday no games at Gillette will start before 10am. We will post an update by 9am with any further information.
As of 7:30am on Sunday we are under a delay at Beddingfield High School. We will post an update by 8:15 am with a further update. Thank you for your continued patience as we navigate the bad weather.
As of 7:15am Sunday
In the 14u Division Games at Rocky Mount High School will be delayed no game will start till 10:00 we will update you by 8:30am

As of 7:08am Sunday
All games in the 8u division at Ennis Park Fields 2,3,4 will be delayed till 9:00 we will update you by 8:15
In the 13u division games at Northern Nash High School will be delayed till 9:00am we will update you at 8:15am

With the pending weather forecast for tomorrow we will post a update by 6:45am Sunday
As of 6:20 am:
In the 13u division games scheduled at Nash Central are being moved to Stith Talbert Park Field 2
At this time all other fields are playable
Games are on as scheduled
Please make sure and check your schedules for field locations and game times before you leave in the morning .


Border Wars NC

May 4 - 5, 2019
Tourney Machine

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Canes 757 Chalk (2 - 1)


Saturday, May 04, 2019
Game Time Location Team Score Team
P15 2:00 PM Rocky Mount Sports Complex - Field 4 Canes 757 Chalk (C)
12 5 Rumble Baseball (C)
P5 4:00 PM Rocky Mount Sports Complex - Field 4 Team Vinci (C)
2 11 Canes 757 Chalk (C)


# Athlete
0 Merrick Clark
0 Cameron Dehart
0 Dominic Espinoza
0 Cam Kaliher
0 Ryan Kennedy
0 Ryan Kerr
0 Joshua Long
0 Nathan McBride
0 Hayden Roach
0 Hayden Taylor
21 Shaun Comparto