Tournament Note

The 2018 travelling trophy will be shared between the Mound Time and Northwest Futures programs! Congratulations to them and thank you all for playing this past weekend. Triple Crown Sports hopes your kids and families had a great time at the 4th annual Northwest Border Wars! Best of luck with the rest of your season. We hope to see you here again in 2019!

Sunday 10:50PM: Border Wars IV Championship Final Results - all Division Champions have been crowned and the final point totals are in with the South winning the team championship 189 - 116. This is the 4th year of the Border Wars with the series now knotted up at 2-2. We are currently tallying the point totals to determine which organization from the South takes home the team trophy. This will be announced tomorrow. It was a great weekend of weather and baseball. Thank you to all of you for participating in this year's Border Wars.

Sunday 3:00PM: Border Wars IV Championship Update - it's been a great day of playoff baseball. In head to head competition the South has picked up 3 more wins extending their lead to 64-31. However 5 Championships are up for grabs. With a strong showing by the North they could steal the Championship back from the South. Best of luck to those teams still in the hunt.

10:25PM: The final 2 games this evening went to the South who have now extended their overall lead to 49-31. Keep in mind Coaches that each playoff win tomorrow is worth 5 points and a Championship Win is worth 10 points. A big run by the North will get you right back into the thick of the race. It was a great day of tournament baseball. Best of luck to all teams on this Cinco de Mayo Sunday. Triple Crown Sports appreciates your participation this weekend.

8:30PM Border Wars IV Update - the South with some excellent play this afternoon/early evening has opened up a commanding 47-31 lead in the race for the Championship. There are 2 games in progress this evening which will give the North a chance to edge closer. Final results of today's competition to be posted later this evening.

3:30PM The race for the Border Wars IV Championship is neck in neck with the South currently clinging to 28-23 lead. Still plenty of ball left for today and of course Championship Sunday awaits! Stay tuned for another update this evening.

NW Border Wars Point System....The North vs The South!
Any North vs South matchup earns points:
Pool Play = 1 Point
Playoff Games = 5 Points
Championship Game = 10 Points
N = North
S = South

Seeding Rules
1. Win/Loss Record
2. Head to Head (if only two teams have the same record-very unlikely. You may be 1-1 and have beaten another 1-1 team, but there will most likely be at least another 1-1 team so we skip head to head)
3. Runs Allowed
4. Run Differentaial
5. Runs Scored
6. Coin Flip

10U Lead Off

Northwest Border Wars IV

May 5 - 6, 2018
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NW Futures Select (4 - 1)
10U Lead Off


Saturday, May 05, 2018
Game Time Location Team Score Team
P1 9:00 AM 1 Sunset Park-No Parking in Pool Stalls - Field 1 Stods Warriors
6 4 NW Futures Select
P5 1:00 PM 1 Sunset Park-No Parking in Pool Stalls - Field 3 Diamond Jaxx
4 8 NW Futures Select
Sunday, May 06, 2018
Game Time Location Team Score Team
B3 9:00 AM 1 Sunset Park-No Parking in Pool Stalls - Field 2 [2] Mound Time Baseball
11 17 [3] NW Futures Select
B6 3:00 PM 1 Sunset Park-No Parking in Pool Stalls - Field 4 NW Futures Select
9 1 The Bat Company
B7 5:00 PM 1 Sunset Park-No Parking in Pool Stalls - Field 3 Stods Warriors
6 9 NW Futures Select


# Athlete
1 Logan Anzellotti
2 Wieczorek
3 Ryan Weinberger
4 G Oster
5 Wyatt Moist
7 Jared Forner
8 Vincent Dickerson
9 Anthony Forner
14 Davis Wiest
20 Ryker Ruelas
23 Spencer Hascall
28 Jordin Stanley