Tournament Note

9:30pm In the 13u division
The playoff bracket has been posted thank you for your patience

In The Championship Bracket all games except the Championship game will have a 1 hour and 45 min time limit
In the Silver Bracket all games will have a 1 hour and 30 min time limit
9:03pm Schedule Update 13U
The 13u schedule will be posted by 9:30pm with the rain that came through this afternoon we had to adjust our game times and field locations.
Thank you for your patience
7:38 Schedule update
10U Bracket is posted-based upon us being able to have 1 playable field at Jim Warren Park and with out any additional rain. Please do not leave for your game before checking for a weather update. We will post any updates by 9:30 am for the 10U bracket.
14U bracket will be completed tomorrow morning at Siegal HS

7:15pm Schedule update:
We are currently working on the schedule for both the 10U and 13U brackets for Sunday. 10u will be posted by 8pm and 13u will be updated by 8:30
Weather Update
5:20 Due to the uncertainty of field conditions for tomorrow:
11U Bracket has been called and Championship and awards will be distributed based on the last completed inning.
12U bracket has been called and Championship and awards will be based upon seeding.
status of the 10U bracket will be updated by 8pm this evening once a a determination of the playability of the field for tomorrow morning.
13U game at liberty park is being rescheduled for this evening.
14U Bracket will be completed tomorrow morning-coaches for teams are being called.
15U bracket coaches are being contacted directly about the start time of the Championship game.

4:58 Weather update:
All games at Jim Warren, Liberty Park and Cheek Park have been called for the day. An Update for the 10u, 11u, 12u, 13U, 14u and 15u remaining games will be made by 5:30pm

Weather Update:
3:59pm All games at Jim Warren Park and Cheek Park are under a rain delay.

As of 7:30am Sat July 6
Pitt Park will be ready to go at 9:00am new game times for Pitt Park.

As of 6:35am at Pitt Park we will have a delayed start. Games will start at 9:00am, please check back for a update at 7:30
All other fields are set to start on time ..

As of 4:05pm sorry for the delay! The schedule is updated on the website. All teams will play the games that were scheduled to play today.
As of 3:10pm in the 12u division games at Liberty Park fields 2 and 3 will now start at 4:30 game times are 4:30 and 6:30

Reminder: due to a lack of interest there is no show/concert at the Franklin Factory this evening. Domingo Ayala will be making appearances at Jim Warren, Liberty and Cheek Park after 5pm this evening.

1:36pm The schedule for all games at Jim Warren Park and Cheek park are updated online. All other fields are currently running on time. Please check back for additional updates at 3:30pm.

1:00pm - All games at scheduled to play at Jim Warren Park are in a delay, as we assess field conditions from the storm that just passed through. We will post another update by 2:00pm.

12:45pm -
Games at Cheek Park and Jim Warren Park are set to resume play at 2:00pm. The schedule online reflects these changes. Please check your schedule on TourneyMachine for updated game times. We will post another weather update by 1:30pm.

The 12:00pm games scheduled on Jim Warren #5 & #6 have been moved to Libery Park #2 & #3. All other games scheduled for Jim Warren Park #5 & #6 will remain with their original schedule.

Friday - 12:20pm-
Games at Jim Warren Park and Cheek Park are currently in a weather delay. We will post an update by 1:15pm, but no games will start before 2:00pm.

Some schedules have been changed and all coaches have been notified of these changes. All updates have been posted. Please note that in case of inclement weather at any point during this event all days from July 4-7 will be used to complete the tournament if necessary.

Domingo Ayala will be appearing at Liberty Park and Jim Warren after 5pm on July 5th, more details to come. Thanks for playing Triple Crown Baseball.


Big South Regional Championship

Jul 4 - 7, 2019
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Final Standings

Team Rank
Rawlings Southeast Prospects 1
Wolfpack Baseball Club 2
615 Baseball Club 3
Middle Tn Longhorns Baseball 4

Pool Standings

Team W L T
Rawlings Southeast Prospects (Lebanon, TN) 3 0 0 11 24 10
Wolfpack Baseball Club (Maineville, OH) 1 2 0 -1 21 17
615 Baseball Club (Mount Juliet, TN) 1 2 0 -3 14 17
Middle Tn Longhorns Baseball (Lebanon, TN) 1 2 0 -7 14 29


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Thursday, July 04, 2019
Game Time Location Team Score Team
P1 9:30 AM Dickson County HS Wolfpack Baseball Club (A)
1 11 Rawlings Southeast Prospects (A)
P2 12:00 PM Dickson County HS Wolfpack Baseball Club (A)
18 3 Middle Tn Longhorns Baseball (A)
P3 2:30 PM Dickson County HS Rawlings Southeast Prospects (A)
8 5 615 Baseball Club (A)
P4 5:00 PM Dickson County HS Middle Tn Longhorns Baseball (A)
7 6 615 Baseball Club (A)
Friday, July 05, 2019
Game Time Location Team Score Team
P5 9:00 AM Creek Wood High School Wolfpack Baseball Club (A)
2 3 615 Baseball Club (A)
P6 11:30 AM Creek Wood High School Rawlings Southeast Prospects (A)
5 4 Middle Tn Longhorns Baseball (A)
B7 2:00 PM Creek Wood High School [1] Rawlings Southeast Prospects (A)
5 2 [4] Middle Tn Longhorns Baseball (A)
B8 4:30 PM Creek Wood High School [3] 615 Baseball Club (A)
1 2 [2] Wolfpack Baseball Club (A)
B9 7:00 PM Creek Wood High School Rawlings Southeast Prospects (A)
13 3 Wolfpack Baseball Club (A)


18U Championships Bracket
Game needed if the loser of game 19 receives first loss
[1] Rawlings Southeast Prospects (A)
18u Champions!
Bracket Winner B28
Bracket Winner B29
[1] Rawlings Southeast Prospects (A) - 5
B7 - Fri 7/5 2:00PM Creek Wood High School
[4] Middle Tn Longhorns Baseball (A) - 2
[3] 615 Baseball Club (A) - 1
B8 - Fri 7/5 4:30PM Creek Wood High School
[2] Wolfpack Baseball Club (A) - 2
Rawlings Southeast Prospects (A) - 13
B9 - Fri 7/5 7:00PM Creek Wood High School
Wolfpack Baseball Club (A) - 3
Bracket Winner B23
Bracket Winner B24
Bracket Winner B12
Bracket Winner B13
Bracket Winner B14
Bracket Winner B11
Bracket Winner B21
Bracket Winner B22
Bracket Loser B21
Bracket Winner B19
Bracket Loser B15
Bracket Loser B16
Bracket Winner B28
Bracket Loser B28
Bracket Loser B17
Bracket Winner B18
Bracket Winner B25
Bracket Winner B27
Bracket Winner B16
Bracket Winner B17
Bracket Loser B25
Bracket Winner B26
Bracket Winner B20
Bracket Loser B22
Bracket Winner B10
Bracket Loser B10
Bracket Loser B11
Bracket Loser B13
Bracket Loser B14
Bracket Loser B12
Bracket Winner B15