Tournament Note

16U North Myrtle Beach: 9:50am. Saturday 28th

We have talked to our facility crew at North Myrtle. Due to the rain this facility has received over the past few weeks, the fields are not draining.

All games at North Myrtle are currently still in a delay. We will update you in 1 hour. Game times will not begin any earlier than 1:30pm.

Please keep checking for updates, we appreciate your patience.

16U North Myrtle Beach 7:45AM. Saturday 28th

All games scheduled to play at North Myrtle Complex are now rescheduled. Please check your schedule for your new game times.
Thank you for your patience.

16U Games playing at North Myrtle 7:15am Weather Update Saturday 28th

We have just talked to the North Myrtle facility and due to the safety concerns we have now pushed back to an 11:00am start time. Game times will now be 1:00 hour finish the inning.

The new schedule will be posted within the next hour. Please all teams check your schedule. We appreciate your patience as we navigate through the weather.

16U North Myrtle Park Weather Update 6:41am
All games playing at North Myrtle Complex will be pushed back 1hr, due to the overnight weather.

Thank you for your patience.

16 Open

East Coast Summer Nationals

Jul 25 - 29, 2018
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Atlanta Premier - Dickerson
Bombers Elite Softball
Brewster Rockets
Carolina Comets Gold 16U
Carolina Elite Baker/Fusetti
Carolina Elite National-Gleason HRS
Carolina Wildcats 02
Carolina Wildcats-Liles
Chattanooga Force 01
Chattanooga Force 02
Cincy Doom - Leiter
Clearwater Bullets 02
Coastal Lightning
Crusaders Fastpitch 02
Delco Diamonds Black
Diamonds 01
Elite Fastpitch of VA 16U Barham
Empire State Huskies 16U Premier/Pryor
Explosive Fastpitch 16u
Firecrackers NC 16U Wright
Firecrackers NC- McKinney
Gainesville Gold 16U Brown
Gold Coast Hurricanes 16U-Leggett
Impact Gold Smith
Indiana Dreams- Foster
Indiana Fusion Elite
Indiana Gators '02 Linton/Kissee
Indiana Lady Jcards 16U Gold
Indiana Prospects -Benefiel
Indiana Shockwaves Davis
Indiana Shockwaves-Perry
KC Freedom(TN) 01-Sanders
Lady Lightning DeMarco
Lady Lightning -Pedy 16u
Lake Norman Lightning-Strahan
Louisville Stunners 01--Goodman
LT Lazers
Miami Valley Xpress-Red
Michigan Bulldogs 01
Middle GA Impact
Motor City Madness 02
MT. Olive Mayhem
NC USSSA Pride Elite - Lake Norman
New Jersey Insanity 16u Premier
Newtown Rock 16U-Carr
Next Generation 16U
NJ Batbusters Pembleton
NJ Cheetahs 16u Walsh
NJ Heat 18
NJ Venom Premier
Northern Valley Cyclones
NWO Lady Irish
OFC Heat 16U Black
Ohio Classics 01
Ohio Ice Red
Ohio Monsters Black
Ohio Outlaws Premier 16u Parsons
Ohio Stingrays 01
PA Outlaws Hobel
Pittsburgh Predators 16U Gold
Randolph Rage
Rock Gold 16U - Lancaster
Rock Gold Waye/Todd
Rock Sports 16U Premiere
SCC S.W.A.T. 16U Showcase
Silver Creek 16U-Christley
Smashhouse Gold Drotar
Southern Force 2020
Steel City Select Showcase
Team CT
Team NC - Mele
Team NC Louisville Slugger (Baylog)
Team Pennsylvania - Sroka
Tennessee Illusions-Patterson
Texas Glory-TPA
TL Elite 16U
Tri-County Thunder
Turnin2 Root
VA Scrappers 02
VA Xplosion
Valley Forge Patriots Blue
Virginia Legacy Elite
Wasco Diamonds TM
Wildcards Elite16u
Worth Prospects 16u Gold
WV Lady ‘Eers

Final Standings

Team Rank
Indiana Shockwaves-Perry 1
Tennessee Illusions-Patterson 2
Pittsburgh Predators 16U Gold 3
Team NC Louisville Slugger (Baylog) 3
Carolina Wildcats-Liles 5
Lady Lightning -Pedy 16u 5
Ohio Outlaws Premier 16u Parsons 5
Team NC - Mele 5
Atlanta Premier - Dickerson 9
Chattanooga Force 01 9
Clearwater Bullets 02 9
Indiana Dreams- Foster 9
Indiana Gators '02 Linton/Kissee 9
KC Freedom(TN) 01-Sanders 9
OFC Heat 16U Black 9
Wildcards Elite16u 9
Bombers Elite Softball 17
Cincy Doom - Leiter 17
Indiana Lady Jcards 16U Gold 17
Indiana Shockwaves Davis 17
Michigan Bulldogs 01 17
Ohio Stingrays 01 17
Southern Force 2020 17
Texas Glory-TPA 17
Chattanooga Force 02 25
Firecrackers NC 16U Wright 25
Gold Coast Hurricanes 16U-Leggett 25
Louisville Stunners 01--Goodman 25
Middle GA Impact 25
SCC S.W.A.T. 16U Showcase 25
VA Xplosion 25
Carolina Elite Baker/Fusetti 33
Crusaders Fastpitch 02 33
Empire State Huskies 16U Premier/Pryor 33
Gainesville Gold 16U Brown 33
Indiana Fusion Elite 33
Indiana Prospects -Benefiel 33
Lake Norman Lightning-Strahan 33
Motor City Madness 02 33
NJ Batbusters Pembleton 33
Northern Valley Cyclones 33
Rock Gold Waye/Todd 33
Smashhouse Gold Drotar 33
VA Scrappers 02 33
Virginia Legacy Elite 33
WV Lady ‘Eers 33
Carolina Comets Gold 16U 48
Coastal Lightning 48
Delco Diamonds Black 48
Elite Fastpitch of VA 16U Barham 48
Explosive Fastpitch 16u 48
Lady Lightning DeMarco 48
Miami Valley Xpress-Red 48
New Jersey Insanity 16u Premier 48
Next Generation 16U 48
Ohio Monsters Black 48
Rock Gold 16U - Lancaster 48
Rock Sports 16U Premiere 48
Silver Creek 16U-Christley 48
Team Pennsylvania - Sroka 48
TL Elite 16U 48
Wasco Diamonds TM 48
Brewster Rockets 63
Carolina Elite National-Gleason HRS 63
Carolina Wildcats 02 63
Diamonds 01 63
Firecrackers NC- McKinney 63
Impact Gold Smith 63
LT Lazers 63
MT. Olive Mayhem 63
NC USSSA Pride Elite - Lake Norman 63
Newtown Rock 16U-Carr 63
NJ Cheetahs 16u Walsh 63
NJ Heat 18 63
NJ Venom Premier 63
NWO Lady Irish 63
Ohio Classics 01 63
Ohio Ice Red 63
PA Outlaws Hobel 63
Randolph Rage 63
Steel City Select Showcase 63
Team CT 63
Tri-County Thunder 63
Turnin2 Root 63
Valley Forge Patriots Blue 63
Worth Prospects 16u Gold 63