Tournament Note

4/22/18: 8:50AM: Pioneer Park Update: Games have been moved back 30 minutes at Capra, Ingram, and Rolla. Please check your teams schedule.

4/22/18: 6:10 AM: All games are currently on as scheduled for today.

4/21/18 4:00PM: All Sunday schedules have been posted! Please check your respective age groups schedule. All team admins/head coaches have been emailed regarding awards packages. Please check Tourney Machine tomorrow morning before heading out to your games.

4/21/18 7:21AM: All games scheduled at Pearson Park (Fort Lupton) are cancelled. Please check back at 4pm for an updated Sunday schedule.

4/21/18 7:10AM: All games scheduled at Brighton Sports Complex are cancelled for today. Please check back at 4pm for an updated Sunday schedule.

4/21/18 6:46AM: All games scheduled at Firestone are cancelled for today (4/21) Please check back at 4pm for an updated schedule

4/21/18 6:20AM: All games scheduled at Brighton Youth Sports and Ron Cox Field have been cancelled for today (4/21) Sunday's schedule will be released by 4pm.

4/21/18 5:58AM: All games being played at the Ballpark at Erie have been cancelled for today. Sunday's schedule will be posted by 4pm today. All games at Firestone are currently in a 2 hour delay. Please check back for updates before leaving for your fields

4/21/18 5:28AM: All games being played at Pioneer Park (Commerce City) are cancelled for today. Please check back at 4pm for an updated Sunday Schedule. All games at Brighton Sports Complex, Brighton Youth Sports Complex, Ron Cox, and Pearson Park (Fort Lupton) are delayed 2 hours. 8am games will now begin at 10am.

4/20/18 5:00PM: Currently all fields are good for their scheduled start times. Please check this page before leaving in the morning for any further updates.

12's Division 1

Triple Crown Baseball Bash

Apr 21 - 22, 2018
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Final Standings

Team Rank
D1-TCA Braves 1
C1-Denver Bandits 2
C4-Thunder Academy Red 3
B1-Choice Select 4
A1-Dirt Devils 5
B4-Thunder Academy Black 6
D3-Gameday Eagles 7
A2-Parker Hillcats Baseball Club 8
D5-Longmont Stealth 9
A5-Southeast Denver Dodgers 10
A3-Thunder Bulldogs 11
B2-Colorado Silver Sluggers 12
C3-SD Golden Spikes 13
B3-Slammers Wells 14
C2-Thunder Rattlers 15
A4-Diamond Club Heat 16
D2-CPN-Diamond Dawgs 17
C5-Catalyst Cardinals 18
D4-Thunder Academy White 19
B5-Blast 20


12uD1 Championship Bracket
12uD2 Platinum Championship Bracket
12uD2 Gold Championship Bracket
or 15
or 11
or 10
or 14
Bracket Winner B4
12uD1 Champion
Bracket Winner B13
12uD2 Platinum Champion
Bracket Winner B17
12uD2 Gold Champion
Seed 2
Seed 3
Bracket Winner B3
Bracket Winner B2
Seed 1
Bracket Winner B1
Seed 4
Seed 5
Seed 9
Seed 10
Bracket Winner B6
Seed 7
Bracket Winner B8
Bracket Winner B10
Seed 8
Seed 11
Bracket Winner B9
Bracket Winner B7
Bracket Winner B11
Bracket Winner B12
Seed 12
Seed 15
Seed 6
Bracket Winner B5
Seed 13
Seed 14
Seed 17
Seed 18
Bracket Winner B16
Bracket Winner B15
Seed 16
Bracket Winner B14
Seed 19
Seed 20