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Nov 3, 2019


Sunday, November 3rd

Tournament Format,Guidelines, & Rules

(**apologize for formatting below; some grammatical/spelling errors when importing to Tourney Machine)

GameplayRules:  Rules will remain consistent with the NFHS(National Federation of State High School Associations) rules and regulations of play. Any variances from the NFHS rules and regulations of play willbe listed below.


OneRim:  Games will be played on a half-court/one rim.


Warm-Up: Before the start of the game, each team will have at least THREE minutesto warm-up.  


FirstBall:   Coin flip by court official determines whichteam will receive “first ball” at the top of the key.


Lengthof Game:  Each game will last a maximum of 22minutes. The clock will run continuously during the 22 minute game.  The 22 minute game clock will serve as theofficial clock for both rims/both games on a given court.  Pleasesee following exception, as needed:

·        If a player is injuredand game play is stopped for more than 1MINUTE, the COURT OFFICIAL will thenkeep the official game time.

·        The COURT OFFICIAL WILLVERBALLY communicate the time remaining, onthe minute, when 3 or less minutes are remaining; if the game margin is 3points or less, the COURT OFFICIAL will verbally count down the last 15 secondsof the game.  When possible, the “game clock” will be used during this situation(e.g. if the other game on your court is over, we can easily reset the gameclock to the correct time)

·        Coaches and Court Officials:  PLEASE HANDLE ANY INJURIES as quickly aspossible and assist the injured player to the bench area as quickly as possibleThe need for the COURT OFFICIAL to keep theofficial game time should be very rare, if any.

Scoring: Standard basketball scoring(3-point baskets; 2-point baskets); special rules/scoring pertaining tofouls.   (See Fouls/Free Throws on pg. 2)

JumpBall:  Alternating possession – normalrule.


·        1st-2ndgrade:  The first team to 30 points

·        3th-6thgrade: The firstteam to 40 points

·        7th-8thgrade:  The first team to 50 points

·        ****ORThe first team leading at the end of 22 minutes is the winning team

·        No need to win by 2points


Overtime: If teams are tied at end of 22 minutes, each team will receive onepossession to score, with a defensiverebound ending that team’s possession (coinflip to determine which team gets first possession).  Once the defense hassecured the defensive rebound, the ball is DEAD and the new offensive teamstarts their possession at the top of the key. 

·        Ifteams are tied at the end of the possession overtime, each team will choose ONE“designated shooter” to shoot a free throw. (Home team shoots first / Visiting team shoots second). 

·        Ifboth shooters make and/or miss the free throw, the teams will choose another“designated shooter.”  The processrepeats itself until a winner is declared. (Note:  In overtime, a player from a team cannotshoot twice until all players on his/her respective team have been the“designated shooter.”)

Dead Ball:  On EVERY dead ball (e.g. after ascore, out of bounds, jump ball, etc.), the ball must be taken out above thetop of the key.  The ball MUST be “checked in” by passing to thedefense.  After checking the ball, ballis “LIVE” at top of the key and canenter play via the dribble, pass, or shot.  (Note:  After all scores, other than scores resultingfrom a technical foul, the ball will change possession; “NOT make-it-take-it”)

Substitutions:  Substitutionscan take place during any dead ball

Change of Possession: On EVERY change of possession (e.g. defensive rebound, steal, etc.), theoffense must “clear” the ball behind the 3-pt. line; “Clear” meaning both feet AND the ball must clear the 3-pt. line

Timeouts: Each team has TWO timeouts (30 second timeout); NO timeouts are allowed in the last 3 minutes (Note:  Clock continues to runduring all timeouts)

WHYTHIS RULE? Having this rule in place protectsthe integrity of the game by not allowing a team the opportunity to calltimeout for the sole purpose of protecting the score and “burning time” as theclock continues to run during timeouts.


NoStalling / Shot Clock:  The court official will keep an “approx. 25 second shot clock” andwill give a warning/verbal announcement with 5 seconds remaining on the shotclock.  If the offense fails to hit therim with a shot before the shot clock expires, this will result in a turnover.



Fouls/FreeThrows: In aneffort to keep the game moving (i.e. NOTwasting game time), the following rules are in place relating to fouls:


·        NOfree throws will be awarded for NON-shooting fouls until the 7th team foul

o  7thTeam Foul and Beyond:   Non-shooting fouls will result in theoffensive player (or defensive player) that was fouled shooting one free throw;if the free throw is made, the offensiveteam will receive TWO points.


·        ALLSHOOTING fouls:  If fouled in the act ofshooting a 2-pt. basket, offensive player is awarded one free throw - if the free throw is made, offensive teamwill receive TWO points; Iffouled in the act of shooting a 3-pt. basket, offensive player is awarded onefree throw – if the free throw is made,the offensive team will receive THREEpoints


·        Ifa player makes a 2-pt. basket or 3-pt basket, and is fouled, the basket countsand the player is awarded one free throw (worth1 point)


·        Hard/flagrantfouls (not equal to “intentional fouls”) will NOT be tolerated for any reason.An obvious hard/flagrant foul, as ruled on by the court official, willresult in the immediate awarding of 2 points to the other team and potentiallythe removal of the player who committed the foul. A game can end on a hard/flagrantfoul with two points awarded taking that team’s score to 40 or more.


·        Atechnical foul will result in one free throw (worth TWO points); hit ormiss, the team will retain possession. IF a teamreceives a second technical foul, the team will forfeit the game.   The score ofall forfeits shall be 10-0.


·        ForALL free throws, NO players will be in the lane area; all players, currently inthe game, must stand above the 3-pt. line at the top of the key. 


·        OnALL free throws, except a free throw resulting from a technical foul, thenon-shooting team is awarded the next possession.




1.       Team Size:   Maximum of FIVE players per team; aregistered team must consist of at least THREE players (Note:  A team can finish a gamewith less than 3 players due to injury, etc.)

2.      Each team is guaranteed FOUR games. If division size allows, teams will be placed in “Gold” or “Silver”brackets after pool play. 

3.      Divisions(separate boys’ and girls’ divisions):  1st,2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th,7th, & 8th.

a.       Teamsmust be registered for the division of their “highest grade” player; We expect100% HONESTY and SPORTSMANSHIP; it is NO good for anyone to cheat/lie – if so,what are you teaching your athletes?

b.      GradeDivisions could be combined, if needed, based on # of teams registering withineach division

c.      GoalHeight: 

                                                             i.     1st& 2nd Grade:  8 feet

                                                           ii.     3rd& 4th Grade:  9 feet

                                                         iii.     5thGrade through 8th Grade:  10ft.

                                                          iv.     NOTE 1:  If there is a need to combine 2nd/3rdgrade divisions, goal will be set to 9 ft.

                                                            v.     NOTE 2:  if there is a need to combine the 4th/5thgrade divisions, goal will be set to 10 ft.

d.      Basketballsize:  All girls’ divisions, and 5thgrade boys’ divisions and younger, will use a 28.5” basketball; 6thgrade and older boys’ divisions will use a regulation size basketball

4.      HOME team will be listed first on schedule (pool play); in bracketplay, home team will be the top team on the bracket.   HOMETEAM WILL PROVIDE SCOREKEEPER  (keepsscore and team fouls).

LateArrivals:  Game time is starttime.  Any team not ready to playat the scheduled game time will forfeit the game.


Court Officials: Each court will have a “court official” (referee) and a scorekeeper(keeps score and team fouls).  Home team will provide scorekeeper.  HOME team will be listed first on schedule(pool play); in bracket play, home team will be the top team on thebracket.  

Rosters: A team must consist of at leastthree players, and have no more than five players.  Aplayer can play on two teams ONLY if his/her teams are in different divisions.(Note: Grade Divisions could be combined, if needed, based on # of teamsregistering within each division)

Schedules: Once the tournament schedule andbracket has been published for the tournament, it will remain finalized for the durationof the tournament. System/staff errorwill be the only exception.


Sportsmanship:  Arguing,profanity, and obscene gestures will not be tolerated.  The court official, can and will, assesstechnical fouls as necessary. A technical foul will result in one free throw (worth TWO points); hit or miss, theteam will retain possession.  IF a teamreceives a second technical foul, the team will forfeit the game.   The score of all forfeits shall be 10-0.






Pool Play Tie Breaker

1.      Inany situation where two teams are tied, head-to-head competition between theteams will determine the winner.

2.      Ifmore than two teams tie, a point differential tie-breaker will be applied. (Themaximum point differential awarded for a game is 15 points.)

3.      Iftwo teams are still tied after the application of the point differentials,points allowed will be used to break the tie.

4.      Iftwo teams remain tied after all previous tie breakers then points scored willbe used to break the tie.

5.      Anyties after this will be decided by a coin toss.

6.      Thescore of all forfeits shall be 10-0.


(Note:  Bracket play may include a “GOLD” and“Silver” bracket)



Divisional Tie Breaker (9 teams ormore)

1.   The first tie breaker is pool place.

2.    The 2nd tie breaker is pool playrecord.

1.      3rdtie breaker will be point differential.

2.      4thtie breaker is points allowed.

3.      Ifstill tied then points scored is used.

4.      Anyties after this will be decided by a coin toss.

5.      Thescore of all forfeits shall be 10-0.


Awards: Awards will be given to eachplayer on teams that win their grade division.  (Note: IF “Gold” and “Silver” brackets exist within an age division, medalswill be given to winners of the “Gold” bracket and “Silver bracket.”)

AdmissionPrice:  Adults ($8); Children/Studentsare FREE; 1 Coach per Team(Free); 1 scorekeeper per team (Free)