Mike Good Memorial Cup

Mike Good Memorial Cup

Mike Good Memorial Cup (3306125514)
Sep 21 - 22, 2019


1. All players must be properly registered with a recognized US Soccer organization. 

2. All age group/divisions will consist of pools/groups.  

3. Tournament officials reserve the right to accept or deny teams based on prior league play and or other tournament history.

4. Tournament officials will place teams at their discretion, based on gender, age, and skill level

5. Teams will play a minimum of three games.

6. Top two teams of each division will play in a championship game to determine division winner

7. Age groups will be determined by 2019-2020 US Youth Soccer Birth Year Registration as listed below:

U15        2005        11 v 11        

U14        2006        11 v 11

U13        2007        11 v 11

U12        2008        9 v 9

U11        2009        9 v 9

 U9         2009        7 v 7

8. The Roster submitted at Tournament Registration will be the official Roster for the Tournament and may not be altered

9. Roster size limits are listed below:

13 and older 18

11U and 12U 16

10U 12

10. Players may only be rostered on one team per age group.

11. Team rosters should reflect Spring 2019 league rosters when possible

12. Guest players are allowed from the same club/association, guest players from different club/association allowed at the discretion of the tournament director 

13. Once tournament bracketing and schedules are complete, there will be no refunds issued.

14. Registration, including full payment of tournament fees are due to be complete by Sept. 1st 2019.