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May 19th | Men's & Women's Doubles Grass Tournament Series 1 of 6

The League Sports
May 19, 2019

This year we are excited to launch the TLS Grass Summer Tournament Series!!! We will offer 6 qualifying tournament before the season finale in October with a large cash payout in all divisions!! 

1: May 19th - Men's & Women's Grass Doubles
2: June 8th - Men's & Women's Grass Doubles
3: July 14th - 4th Annual Triplepalooza Men's & Women's Grass Triples
4: July 21st - Men's & Women's Grass Doubles
5: August 18th - Men's & Women's Grass Doubles
6: September 15th - Men's & Women's Grass Doubles


You do not have to play with the same partner every tournament - we will base the number of qualifying events on each individual player

Park Info for May 19th: Serra Park
730 The Dalles, Sunnyvale, CA 94087

Cost per team is $60
Early bird discount if you register by 5/1/2019 with code "tls2019": $50

Divisions: A, BB, B, & C Division

AA - Highly Advanced
A - Advanced
BB - Intermediate 
B - Proficient
C - Novice/Beginner
(No jump serves permitted in B or C levels)

If you are a free agent and would like to be matched with a team please contact us directly with your playing experience and preferred level.

In order to qualify for 100% of the cash payout at the finale, players must play in at least 4 of the qualifying tournaments. Any player unable to play in 4 qualifiers may still be permitted to compete but will only be eligible to a percentage of the payout - for example if you play in 3 tournaments you will be eligible for 75% the max payout, 2 tournaments = 50%, 1 tournament = only 25%. These percentages are based on each individual players participation in the qualifying events - not per team. 

If you have any additional questions please email us at

Rules for reference are here: