Pacific University Women's Lacrosse

December to Remember - High School

Pacific University Women's Lacrosse
Dec 8, 2018

Welcome to the Registration page for the Annual D2R Tournament!

Just as a heads up, the Elite and Open Brackets will be similar to the level of play for Gold and Silver brackets for Oregon High school playoffs.

You will be receiving ten t-shirts (roster limit is 10 players). The sizes will be 3 Large, 4 Medium, and 3 Smalls. If you need any size changes, you must email by the registration deadline. These shirts will serve as your pinnies for the day. 

Note: Each player will required to fill out an Informed Consent Waiver. 

1.Please go to the following google folder: 
2. Find your team folder
3. Fill out your roster and USL #
4. Upload ONE WAIVER PER PLAYER (be sure to include both pages)
5. Check the box to confirm that each player has a completed waiver uploaded

Note: Please print, fill out, scan, and upload one waiver PER PLAYER. Please change the "Team Name" to the name of your school and "Last Name" to the player's last name.