Pacific University Women's Lacrosse

December to Remember - Middle School

Pacific University Women's Lacrosse
Dec 9, 2018

Welcome to the Registration page for the Annual D2R Tournament!

You will be receiving ten t-shirts (roster limit is 10 players). The sizes will be 1 Large, 4 Mediums, and 5 Smalls. If you need any size changes, you must email by the registration deadline. These shirts will serve as your pinnies for the day. 


Each player will required to fill out an Informed Consent Waiver.

1.Please go to the following google folder:

2. Find your team folder

3. Fill out your roster and USL #

4. Upload ONE WAIVER PER PLAYER (be sure to include both pages)

5. Check the box to confirm that each player has a completed waiver uploaded

Note: Please print, fill out, scan, and upload one waiver PER PLAYER. Please change the "Team Name" to the name of your school and "Last Name" to the player's last name.

Thank you for your time and go Boxers!

Coach Brittany Hartmann