Kansas City KEYS

26th Annual KC Keys Best Basketball Invitational

Kansas City KEYS (816-674-5715)
Apr 5 - 7, 2019


Registration Deadline April 7th, 2019. Registration is not complete until payment has been submitted. 

After April 1st Fee is Non-Refundable. 

8th - 7th Grade: $200

6th - 3rd Grade: $175

2nd - Kindergarten: $175

Rules and Regulations

  • Mandatory Registration (Prior to participation) – Failure to comply may result in 5 TechnicalFouls at the beginning of each game.
  • All players must be on official roster and confirmed by our registration committee. All players must be authorized to play by parent signature.
  • Players only allowed to play on one-registered team during the time of tournament!
  • Any fighting or disruptive activity by any players either on or off the premises during the tournament will be cause for suspension. Actions in the host hotels are deemed related to the tournament.Coaches please manage your team's behavior on and off the court. No excuses will be allowed.Coaches are to review and go over tournament behavior rules with parents and players.
  •  Coaches wishing to protest any of their games must do so immediately following the completion of their game, post a $250 cash fee, note the protest in writing (sign and date), and only have the head coach and his assistant at the protest hearing. The protest hearing is to be held by the TournamentDirector, Site Director and or his designees. If, protest is lost no refund.
  • Parents please cheer and encourage your team and not berate the other players and referees. Any disruptive actions on the part of parents may cause an escort from the premises and suspension for the remainder of the tournament. (Parents & Fans to abide by Official Tournament Rules of Conduct!)