Zootown 406 Youth Club

Zootown 406 February 1, 2020

Zootown 406 Youth Club (4062147876)
Feb 1, 2020


Hello Coaches and Team Managers!  

Some BIG Changes for the 2019-2020 Season!

1. NO MORE ENTRANCE FEE!  All costs associated withhosting the event (officials, gym fees, custodian fees, insurance, tourneymachine, staff, supplies, website ect) are all built into the registrationfee.  There will be no entrance fee/wristbands needed for spectators. 


We received several reports last yearregarding inappropriate parent/fan behavior and language in the stands. Part of Zootown’s mission statement is to provide a positive, healthyenvironment for our young athletes.

In efforts to do so our Zootown officialshave authority to clear the stands when they deem necessary to do so.  Ifyour fans cannot control their behavior the official will simply state we areclearing the stands.  

Whatdoes clearing the stands mean?

You as coaches will be responsible forclearing your fans out and the game will continue with players and coachesonly.  It does not matter which teams fans were out of line, everyonegoes. Period. I highly encourage you to remind your parents and fans of thisrule prior to the tournament so the expectations are clearly set.  This isyour responsibility to communicate and enforce.

If you cannot clear the stands within 5minutes to resume the game, the game will be cancelled.  Any furtherinappropriate behavior after this point will result in your team being ejectedfrom the remainder of the tournament.

Zootown reserves the right to eject a fan,player or coach at any time.

We hold our officials, our players and ourcoaches responsible for their language, sportsmanship and behavior during agame, it is only fair to the young kids participating in our program that wehold parents and fans equally responsible for their language, sportsmanship andbehavior.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation!