Junior Youth Phenom Top 100

Watchlist 100 Camp

Junior Youth Phenom Top 100 (2132692013)
Jun 16 - 17, 2018

Junior Youth Phenom Watchlist 100 camps will include intense drill sessions with professional trainers, guest speakers and 5 on 5 games. Each participant will be evaluated throughout the weekend to determine the “All-Star Team” for each age group. Our camps emphasis on playing the game the right way. After the camp there will be write-ups on stand-out campers as well as honorable-mention campers posted on our website, instagram, twitter, and email blasted to over 50,000 people/media etc. We will also follow up with parents through email throughout the year to check progress of each of our participants. Our camps are never over saturated for each grade division allowing our professional trainers to work hands on with each camper.