Iowa Soccer League - State League


Iowa Soccer League - State League (515-252-6363 ex.102)
Mar 30 - Jun 2, 2019

*Before registering please carefully review SPRING 2019 calendar available on ISL webpage*
The ISL State League calendar has evolved into having set play dates including "Opt-In" and "Opt-out" weekends. 

�        OPT-In:  Considered a BYE weekend, if interested in playing league games teams should “Opt-In”
�        OPT-Out:  Formerly known as a black out weekend, all teams will get one (1) OPT-Out weekend.
This is an important step toward alignment with US SoccerPDI’s.  Teams participating in the ISL State League must be available on all ‘play dates’ as specified on the league calendar.  Teams will be scheduled 6-10 games (1 game per day in most cases) across the set play dates,  but depending on the number of games requested may not be scheduled a game on every play date.  (Calendar may be found on the ISL State League Webpage)

Level of Commitment:  Any team looking to participate in ISL State League must understand the level of commitment required to participate in a state wide league.  Families must understand that this is a travel league and teams will travel to participate in ISL State League Games.    The determination of game sites is based in part due to 1) inventory of home and neutral playing locations of teams within a division, 2) field availability and 3) referee availability.  The League will attempt to contain travel as possible, while reminding participants to recognize there are multiple factors outside of the League’s control. 
Player eligibility within the League:  ISL State League Rules allow teams to use club pass players, which is the sharing of a club’s players among its teams.  This allowance should result in having enough players available to compete in all matches asscheduled.
TeamBlocking:  The league will accommodate a 2x1 team/coach ratio.  This idea accommodates two (2) teams sharing(1) coach OR (2) teams sharing players. If you need to block teams, during team entry you’re eitherblocking by coach, or blocking by players, but not by a combination of coach/players.
Coaching Education / Recommendation & Requirement:  Coaches in the ISL State League are expected to prepare and conduct themselves in a manner that is consistent with Iowa Soccer’s Long-term player development philosophy.  Coaches play a critical role in a player’s experience and whether or not he/she keeps playing.  Coach education is crucial in creating a positive training and game environment. To that end, coaches are encouraged and in some instances required to complete one of the Iowa Soccer coach education courses.  Iowa Soccer will also utilize the league structure to deliver arange of coach education materials and opportunities.  Minimum coaching requirements for the ISL State League will be USSF "E" License for all age groups.
*As the league evolves, for the 2019-2020 season a grace period will be offered to those coaches who do not meet the minimum requirement*