Richland Gunners Basketball Club

Bomber Bash 2020

Richland Gunners Basketball Club (509-430-3602)
Jan 3 - 5, 2020

10th Annual Bomber New Year’s Bash Basketball Tournament
Richland Washington
January 3-5, 2020
Games played Friday afternoon and all day Saturday and Sunday
Teams travelling to the tournament can avoid Friday play if needed
Boys: 3rd – 8th Grades

This tournament is a qualifier for the Washington State Middle School Championship.

Tournament Information:
1. The roster established at the time of the first game must be used throughout the tournament.
2. No additions or changes are permitted.  A player may play for ONE team only during the tournament.
3. Scorekeepers – each team is to have ONE person to keep the individual score sheet that is provided in your coach’s packet.  One scorekeeper per team will be allowed into the game free.
4. Coaches – ONE coach per team is allowed into the game free, but more than one may coach.
5. Admission fees – Proceeds from admissions go to RHS Boys Basketball and back into the club.  Friday:  $3 Adult/$2 Student. Saturday:  $4 Adult/ $3 Student.  Sunday:  $4 Adult/$3 Student.  

Tournament Rules:
2019-2020 High School Federation Rules, with the following exceptions:
1. No shot clock / 2 minute overtimes
2. 3rd thru 6th grade boys will use the women’s size basketball (28.5”).
3. Quarters:  3rd – 4th grade: 6 minutes / 5th – 8th grade:  7 minutes
4. Technical or Intentional Fouls – 2 points awarded and the ball out of bounds.  One technical on a coach or fan and he/she is ejected from the gym.  One technical on a player and the player must sit on the bench for the remainder of the game.  Officials and gym administrators have the right to eject a fan, player or coach.  Coaches and fans must leave the gym completely.