Travel Sports Baseball

Travel Sports Baseball World Series - Even Ages (AA & Open Divisions)

Travel Sports Baseball (817-494-0002)
Jun 22 - 26, 2018

One week prior to Opening Day of a team’s division, Travel Sports Baseball will confirm all team classifications into AA and Open divisions. 
AA and Open divisions will play separate tournaments. The "Open" division will split based on pool play results into Major and AAA divisions.


My team is not showing up?
You will need to login to your team manager and create a team or you have not paid your annual team sanction fee.

Why is there a $25 annual team sanction fee?

Travel Sports Baseball has established the Travel Sports Baseball Scholarship Fund. The program will be funded in part by the new team registration fee. 70% of our annual team registration fee will go directly to our Scholarship Fund account. The registrations alone will generate over $20k annually to the fund. Scholarships will be managed and distributed by TSB Directors and area travel ball leaders, who will establish criteria for the distribution of the funds. The remaining 30% is paid to our software providers.

When do I pay the tournament entry fee?
All Travel Sports Baseball tournaments are first pay/first play.

Is there a team gate fee?
The gate fee will be listed on the tournament page for each event.

Do I need to submit a roster?
All teams will need to post their roster and have parent waivers signed by 11:59pm, the day prior to the tournament start. Players added the same date as the event start, or after, are not eligible to play in that event.

Is my team AA, AAA or Major?
If you are playing AA or AAA division please familiarize yourself with our classification guidelines listed at