Tournament Note

Gordie Gillespie, one of the greatest college baseball coaches in history, passed away at the age of 88 on February 28, 2015 after a long illness.

He retired following the 2011 college baseball season after 59 years and a college baseball-best 1,893 coaching victories at the time after coaching baseball teams at Lewis, St. Francis, and Ripon Colleges.

The coaching legend amassed 2,402 victories in four sports.

Gillespie was inducted into 15 halls of fame and went 55 consecutive years (3,371 contests) without missing a game.

We dedicate our Labor Day weekend showcase tournament in his name.

2020 Nash Park Tournament #COVID-19 Guidelines

All organizations renting Nash park will be required to sign a waiver of responsibility.

Tournament Directors:

1. Must submit schedules to parks manager at least 5 days prior to any tournament to ensure scheduling outlines are met.
2. All teams will be required to turn in a team roster of players and coaches with contact information prior to the event starting. Rosters will be used for the local health department to identify potentially infected or exposed individuals to help facilitate effective contact tracing and notification.
3. All games will be scheduled to allow park personnel a minimum of 30 minutes between players entering and games starting to clean park areas.
4. Individuals will not congregate in common areas around dugout and areas marked off in yellow behind the backstop.
5. players will not congregate in common areas inside ballpark prior to the game.
6. Batting cages will be closed during tournaments.
7. Wearing of masks is entirely up to each individual manager, coach, fan, or umpire.
8. Hand sanitizer will be available in each dugout and in the bathrooms.
9. Individuals will not congregate in common areas or the parking lot following a game or practice.
10. No teams will enter the park until the scheduled field is available for play.
11. No spectator will be allowed in the park until ten minutes prior to the start of the game.
12. Parks’ director or park staff will reserve the right at any time to ask the individual to exit the park for failure to follow park rules.

Players, Managers, and Coaches:

1. The manager and coach are responsible for spraying disinfectant over all surfaces in the dugout immediately after their game along with prior to anyone entering the start of the game.
2. Players’ personal equipment: Bat bags, bat, helmet, glove, batting gloves, water bottle, any bulky items, etc will be stationed outside the dugout positioned along the fence on marked area maintaining proper social distancing (fence will be marked for the position of equipment).
3. Prior to the start of each game, coaches will check to ensure all play equipment is following proper guidelines and is in its designated area.
4. Each player must have his/her own bat and must keep it sanitized. If a player is unable to provide his/her own bat, the manager must sanitize bates after each player’s use if another player will be using it.
5. Players must keep all their personal equipment sanitized.
6. Shared catching equipment must be sanitized by the manager after each player’s use. Personal catching equipment must be approved and kept sanitized.
7. Players returning to the dugout after play (defensive position, plate appearance, or base running) must use hand sanitizer when arriving in the dugout.
8. Coaches and Players must adhere to physical six-foot distancing except when the ball is in play.
9. There will be no spitting or eating seeds, gum, or other similar products.


1. Managers and umpires will go over the ground rules prior to the start of the game while maintaining social distancing. There will be no hand shaking…no physical contact.
2. There will be a sanitizer spray in each dugout for players.
3. The manager or coach is responsible for spraying disinfectant over all surfaces in the dugout and bleacher area prior to anyone entering.
4. A maximum of three players will be allowed in the dugout at one time.
The remaining players will be outside the dugout sitting on the bleachers in the designated player area while maintaining social distancing. Bleachers will be marked where players should sit. Managers and coaches will monitor the players in the bleachers.
The coach will also assist and/or observe the player going to and returning from the dugout and the playing field to ensure social distancing.
5. Only registered coaches will be allowed on the field.
Coaches are to be outside the dugout, observing social distancing. One coach will be in the entranceway of the dugout. One coach six feet away from the other coach will be down the fence line.
6. Each team will provide balls for their respective pitcher. The manager or coach will wipe the ball with disinfectant each half inning. Each team will be providing game balls. Either the manager or coach will be designated to handle the game balls. The game balls stay with each team and are not to be shared between the two teams.
7. The umpire will be positioned if possible six feet behind the catcher.
8. When the game is over:
Players will line up along their respective baseline and tip their hats to the other team (no handshaking).
All trash will be placed into the garbage can.
Players will take their belongings and leave the playing field.
9. Postgame meetings will be away from the playing field outside the park, maintaining social distancing and will be encouraged to be done virtually or over the phone rather than congregating in or around the park.
10. Teams waiting to play the next game will be allowed in once the field is available for play.
11. Teams will be asked to remain in the designated holding area until the prior game is completed, and all players have left the field.
12. Teams warming up on the field must remain on the designated side according to the schedule.
13. There will be no warming up in the infield prior to any games.


1. If you and/or child are not feeling well and are experiencing any of these symptoms: fever, chills, muscle pain, sore throat, shortness of breath, the new loss of taste or hearing, vomiting, diarrhea, etc., you must stay home and notify your manager.
2. If anyone in your household tests positive for the coronavirus, we ask that you do not enter the Nash park until a 14-day quarantine period has passed.
3. Fans must follow social distancing unless you are a family.
4. Fans must always stay distanced from the players while sitting outside the dugouts. If a player may need something from the parent or guardian, the parent or guardian must stay in their areas while the player approaches them from the dugout.
5. Fans are not allowed on bleachers. Bleachers will be used exclusively for the players.
6. No one, except park personnel, coaches, and players of current games are allowed in the designated player areas or behind backstop unless they are going to use the restroom. This area will be marked off with yellow lines.
7. There will be no sitting behind the backstop area accepted for designated personal outlined by park staff or tournament director.
7. There will be no spitting or eating seeds, peanuts, gum, or other similar products.
9. All spectators will be able to watch games in the grass area along the outfield lines which will be marked with signs.
10. No parents are allowed in dugout or player area, no exceptions.
11. Please pick up all garbage around your area following the game before leaving the park.

Gordie Gillespie Memorial Showcase

Sep 5 - 6, 2020
Kenosha, WI