Tournament Note

BPA Gunslinger started baseball in North Alabama for one reason – To provide a competitive and FUN baseball program for your kids! Please plan a BPA schedule because in 2019 space will be limited. Here are just a few things you can count on when your team plays at home and supports the local BPA program.
1: Pool play schedule generally posted by Tuesday night 9pm and check back on Thursday night at 9pm for any changes at So this means…. don’t sign up at the last minute on Wed or Thurs and expect miracles! Plan a schedule, Stick together and Play BPA at home!
2. Park Directions, On site directors phone #’s and ALL tournament schedules is posted on
3. Signing up for events is simple to do, just click on the “Register Event” to enter 2-3-4-5 events and plan a local BPA schedule. With online payment by Monday night 9pm your team will receive 6 BPA game baseballs. Payment with check/cash or payment at the fields please add $20.00
4. BPA Team Trailer will be at the Park! See Randy and Dianne for any special items you want.
5. Look us up on Facebook @ Dee Black.
Twitter: deeblacktournys or #deeblackbpa
Instagram: deeblacktournaments

Thank you very much!
Dee Black
256-710-2388 or email me at


Oct 26, 2019
Trussville, AL