Tournament Note

2018 Iowa Spring Classic

1. Games will be two 16 minute halves. Clock will stop on all whistles. We will use a running a clock if the point spread is 15 points or more in the last 8 minutes of the second half. Resume regular clock rules if points are within 14 points. At the 2 minute mark or below if the point spread is 20 points or more the game will be automatically called. 29.5 Ball for all divisions.
2. 5 Minutes between games and 3 minutes between halves. The tournament staff has the right to shorten these times.
3. 1st Overtime will be 1 minute. 2nd Overtime will be 1 minute. 3rd Overtime will be Sudden Death
4. 3 – 60 second timeouts. 1 issued for overtime. No carryovers into overtime.
5. If a player or coach is ejected from a game, they are ineligible to play the remainder of the day. Subject to tournament dismissal.
6. All other IAHSAA Rules apply.
7. Tie Breaker Criteria for Pool Play.
1. Head to Head
2. Point Differential (max. +15/game)
3. Least Points Allowed
4. Most Points Scored
5. Coin Toss
8. Awards for 1st Place.
9. Teams must bring their own warm up balls. Officials will ask one team to use one of their balls to use during the game.
10. Each team must supply one person work the scorer’s table for each of their games. This person will either keep the score sheet or operate the scoreboard.
11. Tournament Staff reserves the right to modify or change any rules.
12. Admission: $9 Adults, $5 Students per day… $15 Weekend Pass (Must Be Worn)

2018 Iowa Spring Classic

Jun 2 - 3, 2018
Fort Dodge, IA