Tournament Note

Tournament & Park Rules:
All 1st to 3rd Softball Fields are no smoking complexes on youth days.
You may only smoke in the parking lot on youth days.
All Sports Complex's we use this weekend will have traditional snack bars operating. 
No outside food, cans or glass bottles allowed in Tracy, Rainbow, Arnaiz, McNair or Louis Complexes!
**** We are now allowing coffee at ALL parks in the mornings.****
Teams are limited to three free coaches -- sign in at front gate.
One ice chest per team (drinks in plastic only). Sign in at the Gate.
No pets, skates, skateboards, or scooters, or remote controlled toys of any kind.
-Gate Fee - $5.00 Adults, $3.00 Military, Senior, Student (with ID), Children 5 and Under Free
Tracy Sports Complex will open @ 7:45am Saturday!!!
Rainbow, Arnaiz, McNair & Louis Sports complexes including the bathrooms will open at 6:30am both days!!!
Please do not ask to get into the parks sooner, communicate this to your coaches, fans, parents, players and families. Plan accordingly!
No Warm Ups on Fields before or in between Games! Warm up before your games offline, behind the fences or deep in the outfield please.
Please hustle - There will only be enough time for dugout exchange, coin flip and field prep between each game!
Team listed first has 3rd base dugout (unless already occupied).
1. Home team which is determined by coin flip will be the official scorekeeper in all tournament games.
2. Pre-game conference and coin flip (Pool Play Only) between manager and umpires will take place 5 minutes prior to start of game.
3. No organized infield practice before games. Teams may warm up beyond the baselines or in foul territory while infield is being prepared. No live batting is allowed in the complex at any time.
4. Always check schedule for last minute time, field or location changes.
5. All tournament Games will be played via the PGF/NFHS rule book.
6. Saturday Pool Play games will be 80 minute finish the inning. All games will be played by the NFHS rule book. Line Ups (maintain integrity of line up) & substitutions are unlimited on Saturday Pool Play ONLY!
7. Sunday Bracket games will be 80 minutes finish the inning & played by the NFHS rule book. Line Ups will be 9 batters. Teams can use a Flex/DP. Courtesy runners for Pitcher/Catcher must come from the bench.
8. Time begins after the pre-game conference. Time limit could change in case of tournament interruptions. All teams should be prepared to start their game up to 30 minutes early.  In the case of time constraints, certain game times can be reduced or games could go to "drop dead" when tournament is behind schedule.
9. Pool Play - Games will be 7 innings, run rule or time limit. If the game is tied at the end of regulation, it will be declared a tie. 
10.) Bracket Play - Games will be 7 innings, run rule or time limit. Games that are tied at the end of regulation will use the ITB rule until a winner is declared. (Runner = Last batted out)
11. Run rules: 10 runs after 4 innings & 8 runs after 5 innings
12. Team manager may consult with umpires ONLY; players/sponsors/other coaches are to keep out of discussions.
13. Championship Game will be 7 innings, 90 minute time limit or run rule (whichever comes 1st)
14. The following procedure will be used to determine seeding after pool play: - If teams are tied with the same record in a division, head-to-head may or may not be used to break ties. Once a level of tie-breaker is used, we WILL NOT revert back to any steps of the tie-breaking procedure. We will continue on down the list until all ties are broken.
1. Most wins
2. Head-to-head Games
3. Runs allowed
4. Runs scored per game
5. Runs Differential
6. Coin Flip
15. In case of weather shortened tournament, pool play games can be deemed official after the 2 ½ innings of play (with home team winning) or 45 minutes elapsed game time. This policy will only be used through pool play. In addition, if games are cancelled due to weather, there may be an adjustment in application of the tie breaking procedures.
16.) All roster must be uploaded to your tourney team profile by this Thursday October 5th, 2017. Rosters will be frozen for this event & players will only be allowed to play on one team for the weekend. Players will not be allowed for ANY reason to play on another team! No exceptions!

Bomb Squad - We will be running Organizational & Individual Bomb Squad during this event! Every player that hits a HR over the fence will receive a "Bomb Squad" shirt!
The Organization that hits the most HR's over the fence will receive a custom Bomb Squad Trophy!
2 PGF Certified Umpires Per Game
PGF Game Balls will be provided
Please hustle to keep games on schedule :)
Special reminders:
Pets are not allowed on leash, in cages, in baskets, or in laps.
If you know someone that usually travels with their dog, PLEASE, for the safety of their pet, and their own peace of mind, tell them about this policy in advance.
Although Motor Home parking is permitted. Vehicles should not take up more space than is needed for parking.
No Motor Home parking next to the outfield fences or in middle the parking spaces.
Lock your vehicles.
Do not leave valuables in sight.
Although we try to observe the comings and goings in our parking lot, it is not secure.  Please report any suspicious activity to the gate, on site director and/or office.
Good luck to all teams competing this weekend!
Thanks for participating in our events. The Best Play Here!
We are honored to host your tournament needs!

1st to 3rd Events - 2nd Annual Sorcerer/Phil Mumma Memorial Showcase & Tournament

Oct 7 - 8, 2017
Modesto, Ca • Stockton, ca • Tracy, Ca