Tournament Note

East Carolina - No gum or seeds allowed on the turf on in the dugouts

Wilson Christian Academy - No Coolers - Concessions available. Also, due to the baseball field parking lot being repaved, you must follow these directions. Enter the parking lot at the Exit end. It will say wrong way but that is okay. Please park on the grass on either side of the parking lot. Be considerate and try not to park so that you block others from coming and going. Do not park on concrete, even if there is room because trucks will be entering and leaving. If your team has a bus, you can unload at this entrance but you must park the bus at the school parking lot. All teams, fans, etc. will enter enter at the baseball field batting cage entrance gate, by the blue shelter. THIS IS THE ONLY ENTRANCE TO THE FIELD AVAILABLE DUE TO WORK GOING ON IN THE PARKING LOT .

Southern Wayne - No coolers allowed - Concessions are available.
Mount Olive - Turfs only in the batting cages.
South Central - Must park next to tennis court due to resurfacing of other parking lot
Hunt - Turfs only in batting cages. Park on pavement only, DO NOT park on the grass
Rose - No batting cages
NC Wesleyan - turfs only in cages, bathrooms located near Guzzo Way entrance. No coolers. Stay out of Clubhouse

East Carolina Univ 7/20-7/23 2017

Jul 20 - 23, 2017