Tournament Note

Dear Pella League Families:

We are excited that your team has chosen to play in the BEST YOUTH BASKETBALL LEAGUE IN TOWN! We very much appreciate your continued support, and we are GLAD YOU ARE HERE! The following information will be helpful to you as we approach our opening weekend of the Fall Pella League 2022!

COACH PASSES – ALL COACH PASSES ARE AT UBT Sports Complex, which will be open on Saturday from 7:30am - 9pm and on Sunday from 7:30am - 8:30pm. Coaches must sign in to receive their coach pass. Only ONE PASS per coach; two coaches max per team. Each coach must sign in and pick up their own pass.

SCOREKEEPER PASSES - Each team must provide one scorekeeper to keep book or clock for each game, and this scorekeeper must be at least 16 years old. Upon check in, The HEAD COACH or ASSISTANT COACH will be given ONE SCOREKEEPER PASS to give to a parent on their team. This pass can be given to one parent or can be passed around, but once the 8 punches are gone, they are gone. Lost passes will not be replaced.

ADMISSIONS - I want to be completely transparent when it comes to our Admission Fees this season. We know that the rise in inflation has impacted many families in our basketball community. While we were able to keep team league fees the same as they have been for the past 10 years (we even added an Early Registration Discount to go along with our Multiple Team Discount), the cost of operations has increased for OSA. In an effort to provide the best gameday experience for our participants while maintaining a safe and healthy athletic environment, we have increased our officials' pay, and we have increased our part-time staff pay so that we may retain our more experienced workers and continue to recruit and train more experienced referees and staff. And of course, as it is everywhere, pretty much all of our operations expenses have increased. As a result, we have raised our league DAILY admission fees from $3 to $5/adult (18 and older). HOWEVER...we are offering a season pass, which includes 8 gameday entries and a FREE POPCORN AT UBT for $30. This brings the admissions price down to $3.75/game for those who take advantage of the season pass. We have also added a Senior Discount for those 65 and older at the previous $3/person rate. As always, kids 17 and under may attend league games for FREE. While we obviously want as many fans to attend their athletes' games as possible, we spoke with some area organization heads and coaches, and it was decided that rather than increase league fees, which would in turn require organizations to increase their player fees, we would increase admissions fees as noted above. PLEASE NOTE THAT OSA TOURNAMENT ADMISSIONS FEES WILL NOT INCREASE FROM THE 2021-2022 SEASON.

ALL SPECTATORS AND SCOREKEEPERS WHO ENTER OUR FACILITIES MUST GET A HAND STAMP, whether paying daily or using a season pass. Very often we have teams with more than one game per day at different venues. Everyone who pays or shows a Season or Scorekeeper Pass is stamped and those who are not stamped will NOT be allowed into any OSA facility without paying. This is our policy, and we need all participants to comply.

RULES - League Rules can be found within your online schedule in the DOCUMENTS section (desktop) or through the MORE button on your mobile device. Please be sure to share these with your coaches and parents. I have pasted the link below for your convenience:

HOME TEAM - Home team is listed first on the schedule and should wear light colored jerseys.

OSA FACILITY FOOD/DRINK/AND BALL POLICY - Absolutely no food or drink may be brought into OSA Facilities. ONLY COACHES are allowed to bring basketballs into our facilities. Home team coach supplies the game ball.

PARKING -Please do not park in areas that are not designated for UBT parking. We also ask that everyone exits from the west parking lot exit and turns left (westbound) onto Skyline Drive. To help keep traffic flowing and to avoid entrances/exits from getting bottlenecked, we ask that you follow the arrows on the parking map when entering and exiting the parking lot areas. The PARKING MAP can be found within your online schedules in the DOCUMENTS section (desktop) or through the MORE button on your mobile device. I have pasted the link below for your convenience:

OSA ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY – OSA has the right to remove any participant who does not comply with OSA policies and procedures or who is seen as a threat to the safety and integrity of our league. Any abusive language or behavior toward any OSA staff, officials, or other spectators will not be tolerated. This includes all participants, whether spectator, player, or coach. Please be sure to review the OSA coach/player ejection policy and the DECORUM section of the league rules with your families. For your convenience, both are posted below:

COACH AND PLAYER Technical Fouls:
• COACH - Two technical fouls on the bench (head and assistant coach) - ejection from current game and removal from all OSA facilities for the remainder of the weekend. This applies to all teams coached. Second ejection will result in coach suspension from the league for all teams until a meeting with OSA Management occurs. Third ejection will result in complete dismissal from all 2022-2023 OSA Leagues.
• PLAYER - Two technical fouls on player - ejection from current game and removal from all OSA facilities for the remainder of the weekend. This applies to all team rosters. Second ejection will result in player suspension from the league for all teams until meeting with OSA Management occurs with parents and coach. Third ejection will result in complete dismissal from all 2022-2023 OSA Leagues.

SPECTATOR EJECTIONS - Fans who cross the line and verbally abuse or berate the officials will be removed from OSA and OSA Facilities. If a spectator is removed from an OSA facility, they will not be allowed to return to the facility for the remainder of weekend AND THE FOLLOWING WEEKEND. Repeat offenders will be banned permanently from OSA facilities.

As always, we know you have choices on where your teams play, and we are very appreciative of your continued support of OSA! We pride ourselves on providing the best competition levels for your teams, the best facilities in town, and the best staff to help meet your needs to create a positive gameday experience for all! This season will be no exception!

Thank you!
Rachel Blum
OSA Director of Business Operations

OSA PELLA Youth Basketball League - FALL 2022

Oct 15 - Dec 15, 2022
SportsEngine Tourney

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