Tournament Note

Iowa West Field House: 5 Arena Way – Council Bluffs, IA 51501
Bellevue Lied Center: 2700 Arboretum Drive – Bellevue, NE 68005
UBT Sports Complex: 21015 Cumberland Drive - Bellevue, NE 68022

(Paid admission allows for admittance into all tournament games and sites for the entire day with an official tournament hand stamp. Please see admissions at each site for a hand stamp when you purchase the daily admissions fee.)


For Tournament Rules, click on the MORE tab and then DOCUMENTS. (RULES WILL BE POSTED ON OR BEFORE FRIDAY 10/22)

HOME TEAM wears light-colored jerseys and is the first (TOP) team listed on the phone app schedule. The AWAY TEAM is the second (BOTTOM) team listed on the phone app and will wear DARK COLORED jerseys,

There are medals for the first and second place team in each pool/bracket. If your team places first or second in your pool/bracket then please see the Site Director at the front desk area to receive your medals.

Good Luck to All Teams!


• 3rd Grade Boys, 3rd Grade Girls & 4th Grade Girls will play on a 10’ high rim with a 12' free throw line. All other grades/levels will play on a 10’ high rim with a 15' free throw line.
• 3rd grade boys’ & 3rd grade girls’ teams will use a 27.5" basketball. All other grades will use a 28.5” basketball, except 8th grade boys will use an official size 29.5” basketball.
• Each game will consist of 4 - 8 minute quarters with a running clock. Clock stops on all timeouts, injuries and all dead balls during the last 2 minutes of each quarter. If the score differential is 15+ points in the last 2 minutes of the 4th quarter, the clock will not stop, except for timeouts or injuries.
• Each team must provide an adult volunteer for scorebook and/or clock.
• Halftime is 4 minutes in length.

• Each team will receive 1 full 60-second timeout and 1 – 30 second timeout per half; no carryover to the second half or overtime.

Full Court Pressing:
• 3rd Grade boys, 3rd Grade Girls and 4th Grade Girls. No full court pressing until the last minute of the second half, only if the score differential is less than 10 points.
• All other grades and levels: Full court pressing is allowed anytime, at all levels, to a 20-point lead.

• The first OT will be two minutes, with the clock stopping on all timeouts, injuries and all dead balls in the last minute of overtime.
• If the game remains tied after the first overtime, the 2nd overtime will be sudden death 2-minute overtime, with the clock stopping on all timeouts, injuries and all dead balls in the last minute of sudden death overtime. The first team to score wins.
• If the score remains tied after 2 overtimes, each team will pick a free throw shooter to shoot a free throw. If one player makes their free throw and the other does not, then that team that made it wins. If both miss or make, then the teams must choose 2 different players to shoot. The team cannot choose the same player to shoot until all players on the team have shot. This happens until a team wins.
• Each team gets one 1 full 60 second timeout in each OT period; no carryover.

• 2-Way Ties are broken by head-to-head game results.
• 3-Way Tie-Breakers: (When you move down to the next tie-breaker, the previous one drops off and will no longer be used)
1.) Record
2.) Head-to-Head
3.) Point Differential (20 point maximum)
4.) Total Points Allowed

Halloween Havok Tournament 2021 - Hosted by Elkhorn Attack & Elkhorn Elite

Oct 29 - 31, 2021
Bellevue, NE • Council Bluffs, IA • Elkhorn, NE
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