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BPA started fall ball in Alabama for one reason – To provide a competitive and FUN baseball program for your kids! Please plan a BPA schedule because in 2018 space will be limited. Here are just a few things you can count on when your team plays at home and supports the local BPA program.
1: Pool play schedule generally posted by Tuesday night 9pm and check back on Thursday night at 9pm for any changes at
2. Park Directions, On site directors phone #’s and all tournament schedules is posted on
3. Signing up for events is simple to do, just click on the “Register Event” to enter 2-3-4-5 events and plan a local BPA schedule. With online payment by Monday night 9pm your team will receive 6 game baseballs.
4. Look us up on Facebook @ Dee Black.
Twitter: deeblacktournys or #deeblackbpa
Instagram: deeblacktournaments

Thank you
Dee Black
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Sun Only Inside the Fence Hartselle 7U

Sep 23, 2014
Hartselle, AL
Tourney Machine

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