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Posted. 7am Cancelled

ALABAMA BPA  Nation! Oct 20th and/or Oct 21st Its time for Zombies vs Super Heros Halloween Costume Event!


1. Have fun and bring your "A" game of Halloween imagination. 

2. For pool play anything goes as long as you can play baseball without getting hurt. Its a Costume event or just Face Paint is perfectly fine. Some teams made up special Tshirts and added Face Paint. Parents dress up! Im going to be a Super Hero in Full gear! (green lantern)

3. After pool play will we have 20 mins or 40 mins to change back into a baseball uniform and trick or treat from tent to tent or dugout to dugout within the park. Please keep the candy simple as possible. Throw your trash away please. 

4. Awards!
1.Team Award for Best team Zombies 2.Best team Super Hero,
3.Best Costume Coaching staff!
4. Best tent in each park!

Voting will be on my Facebook account. (its not perfect)! Its for fun! 

I will have a post on my Facebook account for each Park. All the team mom will have to do is take a picture and upload it to the post. Then the picture with the most "likes" will win. 

Team Mom Directions:

1. We will have one or two picture sites per park, so all the pictures looks similar. 

2. Take a team photo

3. Take a coaching staff photo.

Upload to my facebook with the correct post and then share to your friends.

Posted 7am. Cancelled Zombies vs Super Hero (Madison Palmer Park) 10U

Oct 20 - 27, 2018
madison, AL
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