Tournament Note

SERA Park gate fee: $3.00
Curtis High School Gate Fee: $3.00
No metal spikes on the portable mounds - Molded are okay
Curtis High School: Turf infield, dirt mound, grass outfield - No seeds, spikes on mound only
SERA Park: Dirt infields, portable mounds, grass outfields - molded or shoes on mounds.
Vassault Park Field 1 has a dirt mound Field 2 has a portable mound - no spikes
13U-14U has a 2 hour no new time limit
9U-12U has a 1 hour 45 minute no new time limt
Tie Breakers are as follows:
1. Head to Head two teams only
2. Runs Allowed
3. Run differential
4. Runs scored
5. Fewest runs allowed in a single game
6. Most runs scored in a single game
7. Coin flip

3rd Annual PNW Regional Baseball Futures Tournament

Apr 14 - 15, 2018
Sumner, WA • Tacoma, WA • University Place, WA
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