Tournament Note

Open the Wiffleball Tournament season with us at the Decatur Indoor Sports Center on March 22nd-24th. This will be a double elimination bracket style tournament. Sunday will feature a Home Run Derby and Kids Game!
Rosters are limited to 8 players per team. Team entry fee is $150. Players may only be on one roster. 16 team maximum. Team participation will be a first come first serve basis based on registration and payment date. All players 16+ are welcome, gender does not matter. Max pitch speed is 59 MPH.
Prizes: $200 to Champion, $150 to Runner-Up
*Payouts are based on 24 teams signed up and are subject to change.

Division 1

WIFFleball Indoor Fieldhouse Frenzy

Mar 22 - 24, 2024
Decatur, IL
SportsEngine Tourney

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Stone Cold Stunnas (0 - 2)
Division 1


Saturday, March 23, 2024
Game Time Location Team Score Team
B2 10:30 AM Decatur Indoor Sports Center - Field 1 Twisted Metal
5 1 Stone Cold Stunnas
B5 12:00 PM Decatur Indoor Sports Center - Field 1 Stone Cold Stunnas
1 2 Unwanted