Tournament Note

Calera Chris Parten 205-565-9926
Calera Chris McAlpine 205-283-8153
Homewood Tommy Urban 205-621-7167
Alabaster Vet Pat Hamrick 205-585-6787
Pelham Randy Johns 205-732-0082
Thompson HS Pat Hamrick 205-585-6787
Spain Park Toby Walker 205-514-0759
Moody HS Vincent HS Pell City and Rocky Ridge
Wes Brooks 256-452-0192
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Pitching Rules
1 pitch is equal to 1 inning.
-The most a pitcher can throw in a single day and be eligible to pitch the next day is 3.
-The max number of innings a pitcher can throw in a single day is 7. Since over 3, he must have a days rest.
-The total allowed innings in the World Series is 14. This is the MAX.
-A pitcher can pitch in 3 consecutive days but not 4.
-If a pitcher is identified to have exceeded a rule listed above, they become ineligible the remainder the game. This violation will not create a forfeit. The player becomes ineligible.

Batting Lineup
A team can bat 9, 10, 11 or the entire roster.
A team must start with 9 players. If the team drops to 8 during the game, that player is an automatic out when he comes
to bat. A team cannot play with only 7 players. A forfeit will be declared if team goes to 7 players.

We will provide 4 baseballs per game in pool play and bracket. We will replace all HR balls hit by players. If at any point during the game
the umpire needs baseballs, please provide them.

Metal Spikes for any 6090 Team
No spikes are allowed in turf cages or turf fields. Homewood's 6090 is turf so please plan accordingly.

Follow this link for Opening Ceremonies

Games start Thursday Night at 600PM and continue on Friday morning at 9AM.
Day Pass $10 per day
4 Day Tournament Pass on Thursday is $25
3 Day Tournament Pass on Friday is $20
2 Day Pass on Saturday is $15

World Series Only - Teams may add one player to roster in World Series. Must provide Director the player information. One exception is they cannot be on a team of higher classification.

Pin Trading begins at 2PM and is ongoing throughout tournament.
Skills Competitions Start 2:15 PM CST at Calera Eagle Park
Team Line Up is at 4PM in Right Field of the HS Field at Eagle Park

Address to Calera Eagle:
100 Eagle Drive
Calera, Alabama 35040

All Skill Competitions will be held at Calera Eagle Park
Skills Challenges
Starts at 2PM
Location is Calera Eagle Sports Complex

Eagle 4
Bat Speed/Exit Velo (All Players)
We will have 2 stations on Field 4

Eagle 1 and 2 (All Players)
Speed Testing (Running)

Pop Time Catchers Only - Field 5

Eagle 6 and 8
HR Derby (5 Players Per Team)

Fatigued Friday?

If your players legs or arms are sore or fatigued, drop by the HSC Recovery tent.??They will refresh their tired muscles.

We are @ Spain Park Sports Complex today and tomorrow, located between field 3 and 4.

Day3- Soreness Saturday

Day1 Pool play Pitcher now playing Short Stop= SORENESS

Day1&2 Position player now starting on the Bump on Day3= SORENESS

To a upper level Athlete, RECOVERY is key.

Be sure to go see HSC Athlete Recovery at the blue tent for your ATHLETES refresh!

Day3 / 5th inning stretch

Coaches, what would your starting Catchers response be to this question-

Hey Bench, how close to 100% are your legs today?

Play Fast, Recover Faster!
Go see HSC @ the Blue tent

There will be 3 Brackets

13U Playmaker PG

USA Playmaker World Series - Calera/Homewood/Hoover/Alabaster

Jun 13 - 16, 2019
SportsEngine Tourney

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West Florida Marlins (0 - 4)
13U Playmaker PG


Friday, June 14, 2019
Game Time Location Team Score Team
P2 12:30 PM Thompson HS West Florida Marlins
0 8 VBA13u Black
P4 4:00 PM Thompson HS West Florida Marlins
4 9 Magic City Blazers
Saturday, June 15, 2019
Game Time Location Team Score Team
B50 3:30 PM Vincent High School [28] West Florida Marlins
5 6 [31] Tuscaloosa Patriots
B52 5:15 PM Vincent High School [32] Pell City Panthers 13U
2 0 [28] West Florida Marlins


Athlete Jersey Number
Clete Ponder 2
Clete Ponder 2
Yancey Young 4
Yancey Young 4
Wyatt Newman 5
Wyatt Newman 5
Coby Moore 6
Coby Moore 6
Brady Butler 7
Hayden Craycraft 07
Brady Butler 7
Hayden Craycraft 07
Peyton King 8
Peyton King 8
Parker Davis 9
Parker Davis 9
Connor Griffin 10
Connor Griffin 10
Logan Starnes 14
Logan Starnes 14
Drew Vice 27
Drew Vice 27
Evan Denney 77
Evan Denney 77