Tournament Note

All games at Almaden, Irvington High School, L4 Babe Ruth Fields, Lou Vierra, PAL Stadium and Wilcox High School are cancelled.

Games at Billy Hebert, BLD Manteca, Siltanen Park and Ramsay Park are still on as of right now. We will continue to monitor air quality reports and forecasts in these areas and will update as we have new information.

Please check here for updates:

11 and Under AAA (Siltanen)

Strike Out Cancer

Oct 13 - 15, 2017
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11U Saints Baseball (1 - 2)
11 and Under AAA (Siltanen)


Saturday, October 14, 2017
Game Time Location Team Score Team
P8 2:45 PM Siltanen - Upper Big Future Pro Academy 11U
3 7 11U Saints Baseball
P9 5:00 PM Siltanen - Upper Big Xtreme Rebels
14 11 11U Saints Baseball
Sunday, October 15, 2017
Game Time Location Team Score Team
B6 8:00 AM Siltanen - Upper Big [7] 11U Saints Baseball
3 10 [8] TFEB 11U Black


# Athlete
Diego Flores
Conner Cordon
Ian Lewis
Kyle Kimura
Miguel Guerrero
Dainiel Solis
Francisco Montalvo
Nathan Choi
Vincent Reyes
Adam Clemens
Kelan Obrien
Adrian Barajas
Tyler Manago