Tournament Note

All games at Almaden, Irvington High School, L4 Babe Ruth Fields, Lou Vierra, PAL Stadium and Wilcox High School are cancelled.

Games at Billy Hebert, BLD Manteca, Siltanen Park and Ramsay Park are still on as of right now. We will continue to monitor air quality reports and forecasts in these areas and will update as we have new information.

Please check here for updates:

10 and Under Open (Central Valley)

Strike Out Cancer

Oct 13 - 15, 2017
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Sirious Dirtbags 10U (1 - 2)
10 and Under Open (Central Valley)


Saturday, October 14, 2017
Game Time Location Team Score Team
P2 10:15 AM BLD Manteca - Wrigley Elk Grove Pirates 10u
3 24 Sirious Dirtbags 10U
P4 2:45 PM BLD Manteca - Wrigley Sirious Dirtbags 10U
0 15 All Sports Outlaws 10U
Sunday, October 15, 2017
Game Time Location Team Score Team
B9 12:45 PM Billy Hebert - Dodie Healy [1] All Sports Outlaws 10U
17 0 [4] Sirious Dirtbags 10U


# Athlete
1 Lorenzo Nemec
2 Brody Jones
4 Lucas Malone
5 Marcos Cournoyer
8 Braden Jones
9 Cole Treleaven
11 Brandon Marshall
12 Baker Robinson
22 Beau Musser
23 Kelton Green
27 Jack Campisi
28 Logan Waldorph
51 Ryder Suba