Tournament Note

So you know how it works – I blind drew you into first round slots – the winners move to the left, as you lose you play to the left, everyone plays at all 3 time slots.
1 – GAMES ARE 75 MINUTES FINISH INNING. There will be 1 ITB inning played only if needed, if still tied, coin flip to determine winner.

2 – The first 2 innings are double innings to speed up play. That means the visitor bats for 3 outs, then any runners leave field, but the home team stays on field and the visitors bat their 2nd inning,. Then we flip and the home team bats 3 outs, erases bases, and bats another 3 outs. This speed up the first half of the game.

3 – You may bat continuous batting if you like, and free sub on defense. If continuous batting, the last player due up in line-up is courtesy for pitcher or catcher. If batting 9, then an eligible sub only can courtesy run.

4 – Balls that hit the ceiling in fair territory are dead ball, no pitch. Balls that hit ceiling foul are dead ball foul.

5 – Balls that hit over the padding or fence in the 180’ side of the fields are home runs. Balls that hit the short 85’ dividers are live balls. They are not an out if caught off the wall, it is a live ball and players advance at own risk.

6 – The 16 under teams can arrive at 9 am to warm-up – we will plan to start the first round at 9:45 am – times will be set on the clocks to keep all games at same time slots.

7 – The 18 under teams will have 2 fields to warm-up on at 3 pm – all 8 teams will share the 2 fields until the camp is over. We will plan to start the 18’s as close to 4pm as we can based on the camp ending.

8 – Run Rule is PGF as always – 10 after 4, 8 after 5 and 6 after 6

9 – We are using the 2020 PGF/NCAA pitching rules – pitchers may start with their non-contact foot behind the rubber (paint) but cannot step back beyond their starting point.

There are no protests – umpires ruling is final. If you don’t like an umpire – I will give you Craig Walker’s after midnight phone number and you can call him direct 😊

The fields are numbers 1-4, starting left to right when you enter the building. No seeds – gum – steel spikes – etc. on fields.

16 Under

2020 Let's Play for U McCook King of the Hill Qualifier

Jan 1 - 10, 2020
McCook, IL
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Windy City Ice Blue 04

16 Under Champion

Wed Jan 1, 2020 - Fri Jan 10, 2020

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