Tournament Note

ALL Proceeds from SAVE'S AMP It UP Tournament goes directly to our Academic Mentoring Program(AMP), now serving over 220 students in the community!!

Our Mission:
To connect underserved youth with opportunities and resources to be successful students and active individuals.

Pairing Education and Extracurricular Activities:
The opportunity to participate in an extracurricular activity is the primary initiative SAVE uses to encourage active involvement in a child's education and community. By creating a connection between academic success and extracurricular activity support, our programming helps kids reach their potential both in and out of the classroom. This mutually beneficial programming style makes it easy for participants to see how one element aids the other in their success.

We stand apart from any other organization in the area by bringing participants onto a college campus with our Academic Mentoring Program. Our partnerships with the Intercultural Affairs Departments at Creighton University, Bellevue University, University of Nebraska Omaha, and Metro Community College allow us to provide tutoring/mentoring sessions on a weekly basis.

Who We Serve:
We cater to under-served youth in grades 3-8 that reside in the Greater Omaha Area.

Currently, 220+ children participate in our weekly tutoring/mentoring program from our partner schools including All Saints Catholic School, Birchcrest Elementary, Gateway Elementary, Highland Elementary, Norris Elementary, Sacred Heart, Sandoz Elementary and Wake Robin Elementary. Students are transported from these school locations to their partner university and back.

Visit our website at for more information and to see how you can get involved!

$6 Per Day, Per Adult
$4 Per Day, Per Student
Children 5 and Under are Free!

All coaches need to sign in at game to get wristband(2 coaches per team) to be worn on the wrist for the weekend. The band must be worn to enter.
Doors open at game sites 30 minutes prior to the first scheduled game of the day.

We have a zero tolerance policy toward any fan or coach that loses perspective. Please let the players play, coaches coach and officials officiate.

Tournament Rules:
Jersey Colors - The team listed first and on top of the bracket will wear light colored jerseys, bottom team will wear dark colored jerseys.
Regulation Game:
 All teams will play on a 10" rim.
 All grades will use an intermediate size 28.5" basketball, except 8th grade boys teams will use a regulation men's 29.5" basketball.
 Two 20 minute halves with a running clock. Clock stops on all timeouts, injuries and all dead balls during the last 1 minute of the first half and the last 2 minutes of the second half.
 Each team must provide an adult volunteer for score book and clock.

Full Court Pressing:
 No full court pressing for the 3rd grade boys, 3rd grade girls, 4th grade girls
 4th - 8th grade teams; full court pressing is allowed at all levels to a 20 point lead.

Time Outs:
 Each team will receive 2 time outs per half, no carryover to second half or overtime.

 Each team gets one 1 full 60 second timeout in each OT period; no carryover.
 The first OT will be two minutes, with the clock stopping on all timeouts, injuries and all dead balls in the last minute of overtime.
 If the game remains tied after the first overtime, the 2nd overtime will be sudden death 2-minute overtime, with the clock stopping on all timeouts, injuries and all dead balls in the last minute of sudden death overtime. The first team to score wins.
 If the score remains tied after 2 overtimes, each team will pick a free throw shooter to shoot a free throw. If one player makes their free throw and the other does not, then that team that made it wins. If both miss or make, then the teams must choose 2 different players to shoot.

The team cannot choose the same player to shoot until all players on the team have shot. This happens until a team wins.
Standings/Tie Breakers:
 Game scores, game schedules and standings will be posted on Tourney Machine.
 Round Robin Tie-Breakers:
1) Record
2) Head to Head
3) Point Differential (15 point maximum)
4) Total Points Allowed

3rd Grade Girls

FINAL - SAVE Program's 10th Annual "AMP IT UP" Tournament

Feb 28 - Mar 1, 2020
Bellevue, NE • Council Bluffs, IA • Omaha, NE
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Pool Standings

Chicago Sky
Team W L
Bennington Badgers-3rd-Blue 2 1 12 60 47
OSA Platinum 2 1 10 44 34
Gretna Elite 2 1 8 51 43
Elkhorn Elite Red (Elkhorn, NE) 0 3 -30 30 61
Dallas Wings
Team W L
Marian Crusaders- Wagner 3 0 24 61 23
Bellevue Thunder 2 1 13 42 26
Elkhorn Elite Gold (Elkhorn, NE) 1 2 8 73 31
Midwest Trailblazers 0 3 -45 10 106
Portland Fire
Team W L
Elkhorn Elite Diamond (Elkhorn, NE) 3 0 41 73 23
Team Factory 2029 2 1 14 65 44
OSA Gold 1 2 -17 42 59
3rd grade Treynor (Council Bluffs, Iowa) 0 3 -38 14 68


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Saturday, February 29, 2020
Game Time Location Team Score Team
P2 8:00 AM Iowa West Fieldhouse - Court 5 Team Factory 2029
28 16 OSA Gold
P5 9:00 AM Lied Center - Court 1 Elkhorn Elite Red
3 14 OSA Platinum
P6 9:00 AM Bellevue West High School North Gym - Court 2 Gretna Elite
19 14 Bennington Badgers-3rd-Blue
P14 10:00 AM Iowa West Fieldhouse - Court 5 3rd grade Treynor
6 28 Team Factory 2029
P1 1:00 PM Bellevue West High School North Gym - Court 1 3rd grade Treynor
2 26 Elkhorn Elite Diamond
P15 2:00 PM Bellevue West High School North Gym - Court 2 Elkhorn Elite Gold
10 11 Bellevue Thunder
P18 3:00 PM Bellevue East High School - Court 2 Elkhorn Elite Red
14 18 Gretna Elite
P4 4:00 PM Bellevue West High School North Gym - Court 2 Marian Crusaders- Wagner
15 9 Elkhorn Elite Gold
P3 6:00 PM Bellevue West High School North Gym - Court 1 Midwest Trailblazers
2 20 Bellevue Thunder
Sunday, March 01, 2020
Game Time Location Team Score Team
P7 8:00 AM Iowa West Fieldhouse - Court 7 Elkhorn Elite Diamond
22 9 Team Factory 2029
P12 8:00 AM Bryan Sr. High School - Court 2 Elkhorn Elite Red
13 29 Bennington Badgers-3rd-Blue
P11 9:00 AM Bryan Sr. High School - Court 2 OSA Platinum
15 14 Gretna Elite
P10 10:00 AM Bryan Sr. High School - Court 2 Midwest Trailblazers
5 54 Elkhorn Elite Gold
P13 10:00 AM Iowa West Fieldhouse - Court 7 OSA Gold
12 25 Elkhorn Elite Diamond
P17 11:00 AM Bryan Sr. High School - Court 2 Bennington Badgers-3rd-Blue
17 15 OSA Platinum
P8 1:00 PM Lied Center - Court 1 3rd grade Treynor
6 14 OSA Gold
P9 3:00 PM Lied Center - Court 2 Bellevue Thunder
11 14 Marian Crusaders- Wagner
P16 5:00 PM Lied Center - Court 4 Midwest Trailblazers
3 32 Marian Crusaders- Wagner


No Bracket Games for this Division