Tournament Note

Thank you for participating in The Tournament of Stars!

Team Check-In Location:
Parks and Recreation Complex (Ward 3)
3210 Power Center Parkway
Lake Charles, LA 70607

FRIDAY, APRIL 12 - 4:30pm until 7:30pm
SATURDAY, APRIL 13 - 7:30am until End of Day


Each team MUST have a scorekeeper (Book Keeper). The Home Team on the schedule will keep the official book. A max of 2 verifiable coaches and 1 scorekeeper, will be allowed to enter with the team free of charge. They will be stamped once they register. If a coach or score keeper are found not to be what they identify themselves as, they will be escorted off the premises and the team will be issued a technical for each infraction.

There will not be any coaches card or any other identification allowed other than the stamp received at Team Check In. This is a private Tournament of Stars and TEAMMATE Basketball event. You can only enter, if you are a verifiable coach, or scorekeeper, on an official list from Tournament of Stars or a paid entrant. All players must be listed by their coach at registration. Each team member must be accompanied by a coach and verified. The same rule will apply as above, if a player is entered as a team member and is found to be a non-player, they will be escorted off the site and team will be issued a technical foul per infraction.

Thank you for following this protocol and for contributing to a successful tournament!

14U / 8th Grade Girls

Teammate Basketball & The Tournament of Stars pres. The Lake City Classic

Apr 12 - 14, 2019
Lake Charles, LA
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Louisiana Prodigy Elite

14U / 8th Grade Girls Champion

Fri Apr 12, 2019 - Sun Apr 14, 2019


[1] Louisiana Prodigy Elite
[2] Houston Lady Nets - 50
B2 - Sun 4/14 3:30PM Barbe High School - Court 2
[3] WSM Lady Elite - 36
Louisiana Prodigy Elite - 46
B4 - Sun 4/14 7:00PM St. Louis High School - Court 1
Houston Lady Nets - 22
[1] Louisiana Prodigy Elite - 46
B3 - Sun 4/14 3:30PM St. Louis High School - Court 1
Lafayette Lady Celtics - 20
[4] Lafayette Lady Celtics - 42
B1 - Sun 4/14 10:50AM Lake Charles Boston Academy
[5] Lake Charles Sparks - 11