Tournament Note

Tournament Director at the Lagoon Fields: Gary Hall 336-341-5399
Tournament Director at the Fields: Ronny Haynes 205-296-2303

Please plan a BPA schedule this spring because in 2018 space will be limited. Here are a few things when your team plays at home and supports the local BPA program!
Travel request need to be emailed to Dee Black on Monday or before the schedule is posted. Pool play schedule is generally posted by Tuesday night 9pm/or wed morning and check back on Thursday night at 9pm for any changes at
Park Directions, Park director’s cell phone #’s and all tournament info is posted on the schedule at
If team moms or assistant coaches want tournament update each week have them click on “Notifications” when the schedule is posted.
Coaches Info:
1. Bring copies of birth certificates and a copy of insurance to the director at the fields for check in.
2. Please pick up your 6 baseballs from the director at the fields.
3. 3 Free coaches passes must sign in at the gate.
4. Signing up for events is simple to do, just click on “register” to enter 2-3-4-5 events and plan a local BPA schedule. Then log on your BPA Tourney Machine managers menu and look for “Registration Balance”. With online payment by Monday night 9pm your team will receive 6 Leather High Quality baseballs. Payment with check/cash or payments at the fields please consult Dee Black.
5. Look us up on Facebook at Dee Black or BPA Alabama
Twitter: Deeblacktournys or #deeblackbpa
Instagram: deeblacktournaments
Thank you & remember: “Go BPA”
Dee Black


Sun Only Buffalo Wild Wings Rings Montgomery

Sep 9, 2018
Montgomery, AL
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Montgomery Mayhem 7U

7U Champion

Sun Sep 9, 2018

Pool Standings

Pool A
Team W L T
Montgomery Mayhem 7U (Pike Road, AL, AL) 2 0 0 28 10
Prattville Baseball Club "PBC" Wingnuts (Prattville, AL) 1 1 0 17 26
Top Notch Athletics (Alexander City, AL) 0 2 0 20 29


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Sunday, September 09, 2018
Game Time Location Team Score Team
P0 1:45 PM Lagoon Park - Field 5 Montgomery Mayhem 7U
13 3 Prattville Baseball Club "PBC" Wingnuts
P0 3:00 PM Lagoon Park - Field 5 Montgomery Mayhem 7U
15 7 Top Notch Athletics
P0 4:15 PM Lagoon Park - Field 5 Prattville Baseball Club "PBC" Wingnuts
14 13 Top Notch Athletics
B1 5:30 PM Lagoon Park - Field 5 [2] Prattville Baseball Club "PBC" Wingnuts
9 21 [3] Top Notch Athletics
B2 6:45 PM Lagoon Park - Field 5 [1] Montgomery Mayhem 7U
9 1 Top Notch Athletics


[1] Montgomery Mayhem 7U
[2] Prattville Baseball Club "PBC" Wingnuts - 9
B1 - Sun 9/9 5:30PM Lagoon Park - Field 5
[3] Top Notch Athletics - 21
[1] Montgomery Mayhem 7U - 9
B2 - Sun 9/9 6:45PM Lagoon Park - Field 5
Top Notch Athletics - 1