Tournament Note

Four score and seven years ago, our fathers brought forth onto this continent a new game: Futsal! Ok, not really. :) Futsal originated in the streets of Brazil where players had the freedom to try new moves and show off new skills to their friends. We seek to create that same atmosphere of freedom and creativity in the Rush Futsal tournament.

Games are played on a small court with 5 players per side (4 with no goalie for '09/10s). Schedules are designed with moms and dads in mind: there's not a ton of time between games so you won't be waiting around all day. What better way to spend a snowy Monday off from school than by playing Futsal!

Boys '09/10 (4v4)

2018 Presidents' Day Rush

Feb 19, 2018
Cincinnati, OH
SportsEngine Tourney

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TFA 2009 Premier

Boys '09/10 (4v4) Champion

Mon Feb 19, 2018



The tournament director has not released the schedule for this division yet.