Tournament Note

1st Annual - Indiana Flight Inv. (All-Star Team)
4th Grade:
Indiana's Best (Murphy) ... Alli Harnes, Madison Wagner *4th Grade Top Performer*
Sky Diggs South ... LaQaya Gold, Madison Nipper
Indiana Firestorm ... Loria Snowden
Missouri Elite (3rd) ... Kiera Williams, Kiyoko Proctor
Indiana Red Storm ... Maddie Huff
Southern Indiana Flight ... Ashley Fulton

5th Grade:
Sky Diggs Elite (Stewart) ... Sanaa Thomas, Ashlynn Shade
Nike Lady Gym Rats (Pink) ... Maya Mundy
Southern Indiana Flight (Red) ... Olivia Fish
Indiana's Best (Wilson) ... Ashlynn Brooke
Missouri Elite (Green) ... Jadyn Smith
Indiana Flight (4th Grade) ... Lauren Klem, Camryn Runner
Sky Diggs South ... Brooklyn Carter
Indiana Hawks ... Morgan Lawrence, Brooklyn Ely
Southern Indiana Flight (Black) ... Kendall Sterling
Missouri Elite (4th Grade) ... Janyla Bush, TeTe Nelson
Indiana Flight (Black) Spreen ... Emma Crane, Emma Brown

6th Grade:
Indiana's Best (Wilson) ... Karsyn Cherry
Indiana Flight (Black) ... Katie Egenolf, Ashlyn Traylor, Rayah Kincer
Carmel Elite ... Leah Kennedy, Audrey Hussain
Sky Diggs South ...Neveah Bates
Indiana Red Storm ... Maleigha Jasper
Southern Indiana Flight ...Emma Klinge, Carlee Kerns
Nike Lady Gym Rats (Turquoise) ... Rebekah Marshall, Mackesy Mabie

7th Grade:
Missouri Elite ... Clare Breden, Jayla Murray, Ashlee Frazier
Southern Indiana Select ... Vanessa Shafford, Chloe McKnight,Haley Rose
JBF Midwest Finest 2012 ... Ally Becki, Ari Wiggins, Micah Jett
Nike Lady Gym Rats ... Jayla Smith
Indiana Pride ... Zayda Hatfield, Anslee Michael
Sky Diggs South ... Misti Kimberlin
Carmel Elite ... Riley Pennington
Always 100 ... Cassidy Connelly, Emme Boots
Indiana Red Storm ... Sheridan Robbins
Indiana Flight (Black) ... Hallie Rodgers

8th Grade:
Sky Diggs Elite (McCullars) ... Kylie Davis, Alana Vinson
Indiana Flight (White) ... Micha Morrison
Indiana's Best (Red) ... Kara Brewer
Southern Indiana Flight ... Leah Miller
Midwest Finest (Fry) ... Alexus Mobley
Indiana Team Pride (Larkins) ... Kathryn Perry, Tenleigh Phelps
Indiana Red Storm ... Brooklyn Stubblefield
Sky Diggs Elite (IL) ... Sarah Isaf, Mallory Hawkins
Nike Lady Gym Rats (Crimson) ... Capria Brown
Indiana Flight (Black) ... Aliyah Evans, Rachel Loobie
Sky Diggs Elite 2020 Nottingham ... Olivia Federle
Indiana's Best (Blue) ... Alex Bratcher

9th Grade:
Indiana Flight (Force) .. Katie Burkman
Hoosier Elite (Stailey) ... Mikayla McGuire
Midwest Finest (Stien) 2020 ... Mackenzie Stien, Sydney Jacobson
Nike Lady Gym Rats (White) ... Jade Shipley, JaniahJewell
Indiana Flight (Crush) ... Elexah Roepke
Nike Lady Gym Rat s (Red) ... Madison Jones

15U/Red Division:
Next Level ... Ambrea Wensey
Indiana Team Pride ... Alexis Meade, Cambie Poole
Indiana's Best (Red) ... Taylor Burns, Destinee Cross
Nike Lady Gym Rats (Platinum) ... Amani Brown, Tomi Taiwa
Midwest Finest (Fry) ... Savaya Brockington
Southern Indiana Flight ... Julyen Condra
Eastern Indiana Flight ... Hannah Graft, Payton Moore
Indiana Flight (Storm) ... Alex Kincaid
Indiana's Best (Blue) ... Morgan Crooks
Nike Lady Gym Rats (Navy) ... Taylor Dillard, Emma Grable

16U/Black Division:
Nike Lady Gym Rats (Purple) ... Paige Motycka, Laney Steckler
Sky Diggs South ... Cierra Scott
Indiana Flight (Attack) ... Madelyn Bitterling, Kelsey Burton
Eastern Indiana Flight ...Olivia Porter, Amber Calihan
Indiana Flight (Xtreme) ... Devin Courtney, Bayleigh Walker
Indiana's Best ... Novalie Loer
Indiana Flight (Duke) ... Braxton Smith

Nike Lady Gym Rats (Silver) EYBL ... Dana Evans, Maliah Howard-Bass, Ariel Scott
Indiana Flight (Strike) ... Kayana Traylor, Madison Layden
Nike Lady Gym Rats (Tan) ... Taylor Steele, Shannon McCoy
Southern Indiana Flight ... Claire Rauck, Paige Barrett
Nike Lady Gym Rats (Gold) ... Shaila Beeler, Jori Allen, Maddie Nolan
Indiana Team Pride ... Xerena Tompkins
Indiana Flight (Thunder) ... Cassidy Hardin, Amy Dilk, Mackenzie Blazek

College coaches that attended the Flight Inv.
Indiana Wesleyan ... Brent Bellinger
Indiana Wesleyan ... Brooke Corbett
St.Mary-of-the-Woods ... Aaron Ballenger
Rose-Hulman ... Jon Prevo
Earlham College ... Maggie Miller
DePauw University ... Cameron Tucker
IU-East ... Alexa Bess
Manchester University ... Jocelyn Hamilton
Anderson University ... Lindsay Shade
Albion College ... Autumn Haggadone
Monmouth College ... Kyle Wilson
Lincoln Trail College ... Jennifer DesJean
Taylor University ... Kelly Packard
Marian University ... Mark Parker
University of Saint Francis ... Jason Ridge
Ancilla College ... Tom Robbins


Indiana Flight Inv

Apr 9 - 10, 2016
Indianapolis, IN • Whiteland, IN
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Indiana's Best (Murphy)

9U/4th Champion

Sat Apr 9, 2016 - Sun Apr 10, 2016

Pool Standings

Pool A
Team W L
Indiana's Best (Murphy) 2 0 16 59 43
Sky Diggs South (Gholson) 1 1 2 54 52
Southern Indiana Flight - Mike Batt 0 2 -18 41 59
Pool B
Team W L
Indiana Red Storm (Huff) 2 0 29 54 25
Missouri Elite (3rd) 1 1 11 47 36
Indiana Firestorm 0 2 -40 22 62


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Saturday, April 09, 2016
Game Time Location Team Score Team
P6 11:30 AM Southport 6th Grade Academy Sky Diggs South (Gholson)
23 31 Indiana's Best (Murphy)
P8 11:30 AM Southport Middle School - Court 2 Missouri Elite (3rd)
16 23 Indiana Red Storm (Huff)
P9 3:00 PM WCHS - 9th Grade Center - Court 2 Indiana's Best (Murphy)
28 20 Southern Indiana Flight - Mike Batt
P12 4:10 PM Southport High School - Court 2 Missouri Elite (3rd)
31 13 Indiana Firestorm
P1 5:20 PM WCHS - 9th Grade Center - Court 2 Sky Diggs South (Gholson)
31 21 Southern Indiana Flight - Mike Batt
P4 6:30 PM Perry Meridian Middle School - Court 1 Indiana Firestorm
9 31 Indiana Red Storm (Huff)
Sunday, April 10, 2016
Game Time Location Team Score Team
B1 10:20 AM Southport High School - Court 1 Southern Indiana Flight - Mike Batt
30 22 Indiana Firestorm
B3 10:20 AM Perry Meridian High School - Court 2 Indiana's Best (Murphy)
22 16 Indiana Red Storm (Huff)
B2 3:00 PM Perry Meridian Middle School - Court 1 Sky Diggs South (Gholson)
22 19 Missouri Elite (3rd)


[2] Sky Diggs South (Gholson)
3rd Place
[3] Southern Indiana Flight - Mike Batt
5th Place
[1] Indiana's Best (Murphy)
Sky Diggs South (Gholson) - 22
B2 - Sun 4/10 3:00PM Perry Meridian Middle School - Court 1
Missouri Elite (3rd) - 19
Indiana's Best (Murphy) - 22
B3 - Sun 4/10 10:20AM Perry Meridian High School - Court 2
Indiana Red Storm (Huff) - 16
Southern Indiana Flight - Mike Batt - 30
B1 - Sun 4/10 10:20AM Southport High School - Court 1
Indiana Firestorm - 22